FaceBoardPro is an open source Facebook management solution, used to manage the Facebook accounts operated by businesses and organizations to market their brand. It’s a web-based tool which can be run from its website and access it from any computer. FaceBoardPro’s mobile app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Adding numbers of Facebook Profiles and Pages was never so easy, FaceBoardPro made it possible! One can easily manage and monitor the content around different Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups on the FaceBoardPro dashboard. FaceBoardPro lets the users to decide and customize what they want to see, and avoid the unnecessary stuffs. It allows the users to modify their Facebook streams with the images, videos, news feeds, events, status updates and the wall posts.

Account mgmt

The Facebook functionality has been improved by the FaceBoardPro platform, letting to add and monitor for events.

Event Creator

Users can edit their profiles and change their profile language.

Edit Profile Name

FaceBoardPro allows to search people using location, which helps businesses to reach out more number of targeted audiences.


Today, as the Facebook is increasingly becoming one of the crucial forum for developing business, FaceBoardPro— an open source Facebook management solution can help in making the most of Facebook. The modules for account management, photos, videos, events, wall posts, scheduler, campaigns and messages have been designed especially to make the complete Facebook experience more structured – and undoubtedly more fun!

Users have ability to upload photos directly to their Facebook page and tag the targeted people, rake through public updates for the sake of brand citations, and even geo-locate campaigns.

For managing a bucket of pages in Facebook, FaceBoardPro has numerous of the effective ways to manage the numbers of Facebook profiles and pages easily at a single place, under one dashboard.

This tool had made it easier for the users to add images, letting for directly upload the images instead of compelling customers to link to an image. FaceBoardPro uses the enhanced technique for this and undoubtedly, it works very efficiently and smoothly.


Using FaceBoardPro, user can effortlessly monitor everything happening within the numerous Facebook profiles, pages and groups and further use that data to enhance their business growth!

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