FaceBoardPro is an open-source Facebook management solution, which is used to deal with numerous Facebook accounts used by the organizations and businesses to market their brand.

Facebook isn’t simply one of the most popular and engaged websites on the web. It’s also an amazing venue for the businesses to gain new customers. But, at today’s tough competitive business world, it’s vital to be ahead of your competitors. So, the question is: What can be done? The simplest way to be ahead is getting vital info about your competitor’s customers or fans.

One of the great feature of FaceBoardPro is, “Scraper Management”. This section lets you keep an eye on the competition by scrapping up important and useful data from the business pages on Facebook. The scraped data can be beneficial for businesses focused on generating leads through Facebook. This is an efficient options available and helps users to gather as much information they can from Facebook in minimum time. The information and details scraped can be further used for enhancing your business growth.

This helps users who wants the active and real leads related to their business. Using this, users have ability to:

Fans Scraper

Fans scraper

Fan Scraper allows to scrap with 2 options: Load Fanpage URLs and Load Keywords. These lets to gather information about fans who have liked pages with similar keywords.

Events Scraper

Events Scraper

Event Scraper lets to ‘load event URL’ and ‘extract event member’. Option for stop is also given when you don’t wish to scrap more event members and details.

Message Scraper

Message scraper

Message scraper lets you easily ‘extract messages’ from different Facebook accounts.

Friends Scraper

Friends Scraper

Using Friends scraper, you can extract about the details of contacts (friends). There are 2 options under this module- ‘load profile URL’ and ‘extract’. You can stop the extraction process at any time you want.

FB ID Extractor

FB ID scraper

Under this module comes 2 great options- ‘load FB ID file’ and ‘load Profile URL file’. Extracting the FB ID’s can be beneficial to contact & reach out more crowd of targeted audiences.

Group Member Scraper

Group Member Scraper

Scraping the members list of a particular group can be very useful. Using this scraper, lets you to scrap through 2 different options- ‘load group URL’ and ‘load keywords’.

Custom Audiences Scraper

Custom Audience scraper

Using this scraper option, you can customize your scraping option to make scraping of vital data more effective.



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