Maybe you are familiar with this sound: I used to log in my each and every social media network to compose new posts, follow up on commercial and social conversations, check what’s latest trendy things going on my streams, and follower requests, and mostly perform any other pint-sized of social media management task that was on my plate. If we aren’t wrong, this is one of the most time consuming process which you want to skip, but social media news feeds is essential for the improvement of your business. In order to achieve your business goal you need to stay organized and time savvy while dealing with multiple social media accounts. Here are the 6 best time saving tools and strategies of SocioBoard Core that can boost up your business.

1. Add your multiple social media profiles to the SocioBoard Core dashboard

The ability to access everything from one location is the single biggest feature for monitoring and managing multiple social media accounts. It’s just like grocery shopping: you’ll save couple of time if you can pick up different products at one supermarket rather than visiting multiple locations.

realtime monitoring

Social media dashboards of SocioBoard Core is ideal for this. Our dashboard is one of the most popular time-saving social media management tips out there.

2. Schedule multiple Social media posts ahead of time

It helps you to save your time by giving you a chance to bunch your updates from multiple social media networks and at the same time share at multiple, while selecting the best times throughout the day. It also verify that you keep up a consistent post publishing schedule and dependably have good marketing content heading up next.


The social media management tools allow you to customize your schedule as per your consideration and business demands. The queue systems allow you to set a series of optimal times in advance and publish a piece of content from your queue at every pre-scheduled posting slot, or to schedule at specific times paying little heed to line.

3. Analyze Reports “who is engaging with your posts?”

fan repo

Engagement stats like replies and re-shares your audience are some of the super signals that individuals are excited to associate with you. Discovering and replying to these individuals is an extraordinary social media strategy, made easier when you can get to this collaboration from one-spot-destination of SociaBoard Core. You can follow back specifically through dashboard, and you navigate to your original update to like and share a response of customers.

4. Segment your audience so you can follow easier

Let’s say you follow more than 50 people on Instagram, 500 people on Facebook and 1,000 people on Twitter, and that’s a heap of marketing content to keep up with on a day-to-day basis! One best way to help out with these multiple social media accounts is to state the multiple social media accounts that are important to your business into their own feed store.

On Twitter, you can make a Twitter followers list or track a point with a saved keyword search.


On Facebook, you can add individuals and pages to important lists.

facebook wallpost

5. Compare your group stats to a benchmark

One of the most popular method for showing group stats on social networking is to reveal to them as week-over-week progress graph and extract the engagement report of audience. This is super awesome in such a large number of cases. Yet, sometimes it can be a touch deluding. Imagine a scenario in which you had a truly astounding week with a number of unique events and happenings. It may throw off a touch of your analysis in the weeks encompassing it.


Making a benchmark is a bit of an easier approach to quantify execution post-over-post and week-over-week. SocioBoard Core have discovered post-over-post analysis to be especially useful as well as helpful. For instance, on Twitter we distinguish most popular tweets as those that increase 200 or more clicks. So when it comes time to check the group stats of multiple social media accounts, we can see at-a-glance which ones met those ethics and re-share them according to the needs.

6. Automate as many section as you’re comfortable with

The procedure of setting up frameworks to work whether your businesses are around to the global market or not—can be super valuable for managing with multiple social media profiles. SocioBoard Core published a rundown of 101 approaches to computerize social networking.


We’re quite fortunate to have so many awesome tools to rely on for managing social media accounts. When you think of the time you used to spend on social, you see the hours that we’ve saved since just in following a couple of small strategies:

  • Use our multiple social media accounts dashboard so you can log in at one place
  • Schedule your posts ahead of time to save time and keep the content coming
  • Divide the stream into handy chunks
  • Find simple group stats that are expressive and can be evaluated at-a-glance

Among these which are the most beneficial social media managements strategies for you? Which tools you were using to manage your multiple social media accounts in past? SocioBoard Core take care of all these tack to boost up your business amazingly.


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