Are you using Twitter for business?

Are you looking to improve your communication area with customers?

As per the recent tweaks of Twitter about its direct message character make this widely using social media site easier for users to reach customers directly.

In this blog post, you’ll explore the fact of how to use Twitter’s recently updated DMs (Direct Messages) feature to improve engagement with your targeted customers.

How Twitter’s DM feature Work?

The recent updates in Twitter opened more free hands to lift up once business marketing campaign. With twitter’s newest features, one can set up their account to receive DMs from any users, whether or not you follow those Twitter users.

Earlier, DM (Direct Message) was impractical for business especially for those who are using Twitter’s DMs for customer service because they could only send their direct messages to those twitter users who followed them. This was a big barrier between users seeking social media customer service Via Twitter and the organization providing it. Except that your Twitter account and the targeted user’s account followed each other, the communication stayed before it start.

Now, the recent updates broke this barrier and let the user opt to receive DMs from anyone. To use this sensational feature, you need to go to your security and privacy setting panel and manually switch on it because by default the feature is turned off in your account.

Twitter Changed Its DM Rules – Now, Direct Messages can go beyond 140 characters

Recently, Twitter introduced some necessary changes to the way its DMs work – and it can surely affect your social media marketing and customer service space in a big way.

Simply not always for that greater. Since as we’ll clarify, the updates to Twitter’s DM program can provide anyone much more power so far as calling individuals moves, and vice-versa, but using great power comes great…how will that proceed, again? (We’ll think about it fundamentally.)

Why Twitter removes 140-character limit for direct messages?

The social network today enables customers to speak independently without sensation restricted with a space restriction. Blabbermouths, nevertheless, can get cut of 10,000 characters.

The social network introduced Thursday it’s eliminated the 140-personality restriction on its common immediate concept function, that allows customers to chat independently with one another.

The altar boosts the restriction on Tweets is immediate communications from 140 to 10,000 characters. In comparison, Facebook messenger includes a personality restriction of 20,000 characters.


Whilst the competition intensifies from the share and likes of Facebook along with other common concept applications including WhatsApp, Tweets is outwardly attempting to maintain speed.

“The customers may are in possession of the flexibleness to create lengthier and go to town in a far more organic and comfy method,” stated Sachin Agarwal, Twitters is Twitter’s product manager regarding DMs.

The update, that was initially introduced in Summer, may help the battling social-network achieve a broader, conventional viewers to please Wall Street traders. Despite Tweets getting about 316,000 regular potential customers, it pales even compares to the 1.5-billion who utilize Facebook, which places it at main drawback because it efforts to entice marketers and much more cash.

Why need to do this?

The direct concept growth requires form as Twitters is attempting to help and make the website more participating and more straightforward to utilize, something which its best executives overtly accepted delayed past month it’s battled to complete. It is wagering higher that additional functions such as the significantly-expected Project Lightning may attract new customers in addition to a brand new information cope with the National Football Category. Project Lightning may emphasize trending occasions by managing a number of photos, videos along with other Tweets.

Sachin Agarwal stated Twitters is trading a great deal indirect messaging. Previously this season, the organization released group direct messages, wherever several customers might speak at the same time, after which afterward allow any person concept another person independently. Formerly, a couple needed seriously to follow one another to truly have a personal conversation.


Whilst while tweets sent publicly won’t change, the eradication of the 140-characters restriction regarding immediate communications is just a large action toward producing the personal aspect of Twitter’s power, Agarwal added.

“There are a lot of Twitter events unfolding, along with an individual inclination to wish to reveal that on the planet and that is wherever direct messages is available in,” he explained. “This Really Is another excellent chance to ignite the conversation.”

Use of Twitter’s DMs for Customer Service

If you like to provide the perfect customer support on sociable, contemplate allowing this function. With it switched on, any enthusiast, followers or interested client may deliver anyone an immediate concept without anyone following her or him initial. This streamlines conversation using clients and enables customers who wish to achieve anyone direct.


Twitter’s fresh immediate concept abilities are specifically ideal for sociable customer support when supplying assistance is depending on discussing private information.

For instance, if customers statement problems on Tweets or possess a query about that you require extra information, you are able to ask clients to immediate concept anyone using particulars they don’t experience comfy publishing openly.

Just like any fresh function, you will find benefits and drawbacks to utilizing it for the company. Here’s a glance at how Twitter’s Direct Messages function might help enhance customers communications, and just how it might possibly damage customer relationship.

Invite Customers to Direct Message You

Listed here are few benefits of inviting customers to immediate concept anyone, in place of direct messaging them yourself.

The Concept Is Less Inclined To Drop Through the Cracks

If customers get in touch with anyone via a @reply, they usually anticipate a @reply in exchange. (the same as in the case that you deliver somebody an email, you anticipate a return email, not really a telephone call.)


Since customers who twitter a @reply may possibly not be anticipating an immediate concept in exchange, they may not discover in the case that you deliver one, or they might obtain therefore significantly immediate spam that they constantly ignored their Twitters in-box. To prevent this, invite the customer to do Direct messages.

Customers Notice Anyone Handling the Problem

If you react to a @reply via DM, casual experts might believe you’re disregarding the customer’s problem. Even when it’s more straightforward to proceed the discussion in personal, developing a community report of one’s preliminary respond exhibits others that you simply react to queries in a regular way.

Use Direct Messages Carefully

The capability to deliver direct messages to Twitter’s customers who’ve selected into the fresh function is just an attractive advertising chance for the companies.

Theoretically, you can deliver customers immediate communications as frequently as possible to do while you deliver e-mail. You can independently provide promotions, invitations, bulletins and much more to formerly unavailable customers. Use DMs regarding this sort of advertising is poor form, however.


Sending customers unwanted advertising materials via DM is significantly different from delivering these advertising e-mail. Whenever customers provide you with their current email address, they may choose to obtain supplies like advertising communications and notifications. There’s no equivalent regarding that procedure on Twitters, therefore customers can’t provide you with the specific authorization to get hold of these via DM using unwanted marketing.

Using DMs to send automatic or marketing materials might have harmful effects. So try to avoid this type of mistakes.

Closing Words

Because Twitter continuously make changes to its DM policy in order to make it more powerful platform for users is relatively new, it scraps to be seen how it’ll affect overall DM habits, and whether it’ll become one of the most popular way for Twitter users to seek out better customer service.

For now, all you can do is choose into receiving DMs from anyone and try to keep a close look on your Twitter inbox. There could be some meaningful differences in how repeatedly you receive direct messages, so you’ll be prepared for that.

What’re you thinking? Do you use Twitter DMs for your business? Do you see customers taking advantage of DMs for social media customer service? Are the growing risks for spam worthwhile to your business? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the box below.

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