Wondering how to find your prospect users?

Want to build a strong relationship with your potential customers?

If you say yes, then keep reading this article to know how the social media trio Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn help you to create a credible between you and your prospects before you want to meet each other.

To make a successful business, a salesperson should take three steps. They are like finding and researching the targeted prospects, connecting and creating engagement with them and finally asking them for a meeting. They can make these steps easily with the help of the social media websites.


#1 Catch and research the prospects

There are millions of users on the social media. Among them all, you have to filter out your targeted users. You have to know who are likely to be your prospective users. If you use a social media dashboard like SocioBoard, you can make this task very simple. You need not switch from one tab to another. You can load all your accounts on one window.

Once you filter out the users, you need to do some research on them. For a salesperson, it is important to know their patrons very well. Follow the business or company they are working and the websites they are having. This can give you deep insight into their needs. Here, you can know how you can make this in different social networking sites.

On Twitter: Go through the twitter profiles of the patrons. Just know how they are performing on twitter. Observe the things like what kind of content is posted on their twitter wall, whether they retweet for each tweet or they tweet regularly on twitter etc. These things can give you a glimpse into the users.


On LinkedIn: To know about businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the better platform. Just look at their LinkedIn profile so that you can get to know what their abilities are and what are the requirements of the company etc. Take a note of the key points of their career. This can help you in your conversations with them.

On Facebook: This is the way to know about their personal interests. This will help you in giving a personal touch to your conversation. This can make your negotiation fruitful.

#2 Get connected with them and create engagement

Your main aim is to make your prospects turn to your sales people when they want the service you offer. To achieve this, your research will help you. Just try to get connected to them. You should maintain a profile that can attract anyone. Once you get connected, it is your part to make them feel comfort approach you. Share information that is helpful for them. Concentrate on multimedia content.

On Twitter: If your prospects are tweeting about the business you deal with, then just retweet their posts. Like their tweets and share them if they are impressive. Follow the prospect’s company. Observe their perception regarding various things that relate to your industry.

On LinkedIn: You can get to know the requirements of the company through LinkedIn. Follow the prospect’s company page. Determine how your company’s service can meet their requirements. Tell them how you can help them with their need of the time. Share the content that they share on LinkedIn. Add them to your groups and join their groups as well. This can improve the relation between both of you.

On Facebook: Follow the company page of your prospect. You can get to know the regular updates of the company. You can know how their business is doing. Tell them if you can give any valuable suggestions for them. This will increase your credibility.


#3 Seek for a meeting

Once you have built a good relation with your prospects, you are ready to discuss your business with them. Now, you can negotiate with them and can persuade them. Because you know their weak and strong spots, right?

On Twitter: Check whether your patrons are going to any conference. You can use the hashtags to know this information. If they are going to a summit or a conference that you are to attend, then ask them for a meet. As you both already have good relations, there you can discuss your business.

On LinkedIn: See whether they are calling for any bidding or requesting any service. You can ask them for a discussion to make a deal. You can organise campaigns and invite them. This can help you to make deals.


In this way, you can make use of the social networking trio to develop relations with your prospect users.