Do you want to know the best way to reach your local customers through facebook?

Ever tried using the Local Awareness Ads?

If you even don’t know what Local Awareness Ads are, you should definitely go through the article to get a clear idea on how to reach the locally targeted users through facebook’s local awareness ads.

Local Awareness Ads:

To bring customers through the door, local awareness ads are the best way rather than the boosted posts or the facebook ads. These Local Awareness Ads can generate online engagement and earn you great returns for your business.


From the ads, you can make your users reach you in any way. You can provide them with the direction to reach your business or you can post your phone number so that the user can call you easily. Or, you can make your users send you a message if they need any help from you.

Here are the steps how you can promote multiple locations to your local consumers.

#1 Make the local awareness campaigns

Facebook’s Ads Manager can create local awareness ads whereas the Power Editor can help you creating the ad campaigns. This power editor can give more flexibility in reaching the targeted users. If you use the tools like SocioBoard tools, you can make this process more flexible.

You can use the Power Editor Chrome extension or you can access it from the Facebook’s Ads manager dashboard. From here, you can launch new ad campaign by clicking on the create a new button.

To start a Local Awareness campaign, find it on the Objective drop-down menu. Use only one location to make an optimum performance of the campaign.


#2 Set Ad target

You have to determine two parameters: the location that you want to target the users of and the audience you want to target. So that, you can specify the user who can see your ads on facebook.

And if you want to reach more than one set of customers, make separate ad sets for each of the methods. This will give you a chance to customize your budget and performance tracking of each ad campaign.


#3 Layout your Ads

Now, it’s time to make your audience pay attention to your ads.

Try to include a Call-To-Action in the header part of the ad. Else, highlight a promotion.

Now, focus on the visual content. Select an image that reflects your business. As shown in the below image, a vegetable vendor has published a local awareness ad and used the pic of a vegetable market. This is enough to tell the users with just a look.


Now, give the reason why your users should click on the ad. Make the effective description of your ad below the image. You can add the direction to your business or give your contact information to know more.

#4 Scale for multiple locations

Sometimes, you may need to promote your business for more than one location. Even then, you can easily scale your local awareness campaigns to all your stores.

For this, you need to select the original campaign and then duplicate it. Now, rename the copied campaign such that it matches the additional location name. Set the ad sets and change the location such that it reaches the new location’s users.


You can modify the existed ads of the original campaign and also create new ads. You can set up a new location you need to reach.


Thus, you can use these local awareness ads to reach the local users of your business. You can create campaigns as per the location within minutes of time. The best part is, you can create direct communication with the users of your target. You can make them reach your business.