You have multiple Instagram accounts for your business?

Need to monitor all the accounts at a time?

This is really a tough task switching from one account to another account. No problem…Instagram has now rolled out a feature for connecting multiple accounts on a single device. So, you can make it easy to load multiple accounts on your gadget.

As of now, this feature is not available for all. This is developed only for the iOS (Instagram v7.15) platform. Now, let us see how you can use the Instagram’s multiple account feature on the iOS devices.

How to add accounts?

  • Just go to your Profile page
  • Go to Settings located at the top right corner
  • Select Add Account option

add aco

Here, you will be taken to the login screen. And, you can add your account. With this feature, you can load 5 Instagram accounts and switch among them with no logout or login again and again.

To switch from accounts, just tap on the username on your profile page. Then, you can get the list of all the loaded accounts and you can make your choice. You can also make this by holding on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen anywhere in the app.


How to remove?

Just stay on the account you want to remove. Go to Account Settings and tap on Logout.

Why SocioBoard?

As said earlier, this Instagram’s feature is only for iOS devices. Then, what about the others? For them, SocioBoard is already there to help out. On your PC itself, you can load your multiple Instagram accounts and can manage them just as easy as anything.

In the Instagram feature, you can manage only 5 accounts. But with SocioBoard’s high-end tool, you can manage up to 50 accounts. This is really a wonderful tool for big businesses.

On SocioBoard, you can access any of your social accounts. If you want particularly for Instagram, you can use the GramBoardPro app powered by the SocioBoard. This one also contains the same features of its parent tool SocioBoard.

How to load multiple accounts on SocioBoard?

Here, we are explaining the way how you can use the SocioBoard tool to load your multiple Instagram accounts.

  1.  Go to the Social Profile bar on the right side of the Dashboard.


  1. In that, you can add your social accounts


  1. Choose the Instagram on the pop-up


  1. log in with your Instagram account


That’s all. Your Instagram account is added to the dashboard. You can see it in the dashboard. Along with the other social accounts, you can use your Instagram account and make your work easy with SocioBoard.


Final note:

When Instagram is offering the multiple account feature for just five accounts where you cannot meet your business needs, SocioBoard offer better features. So, manage your Instagram accounts just like a cake walk. You can use this feature to promote your brand on Instagram such as you reach all your targeted users.