Want to connect with your local customers?

Just go through this article to know how you can leverage twitter to get connected with the local users. Here we are presenting 3 simple yet effective ways to connect with your targeted users.

#1 Include your location data in the tweets

Generally, your location feature will be set disabled by default. So, you need to turn it on. To turn it on, you just compose a tweet and click on the location disabled. Then, you can find a pop-up asking you to turn the Location on.


With this feature, you can make the location of your business visible to the users who read your tweets. When someone of the same location wants the services you offer, they can easily locate your business and reach you.

This feature can reach the majority of the locally targeted users and hence most useful for the small local businesses.

#2 Use local hashtag search to generate leads

Hashtags are the best tools to locate any targeted users. Generally, users use these hashtags to get the tweets of their interest. Using the socioboard tool’s advanced features, you can search for the most used hashtags of your locality.


When you use the same hashtag, you can get visible to your local targeted users. Even, using the searching tools, you can get a list of the profiles of your targeted users. You can use these lists to make more engagement.

Just, simply create a list of the targeted users on twitter and follow some engaging strategies. This can create more interaction and more visibility for your twitter page. But, these twitter lists are visible to anyone. But, this is your potential data. So, make it private so that no one can see without your consent.

Once you created a list of the users, make strategies on how to improve the communication with your targeted users. You have to follow some expert suggestions to make this fruitful.


If you are using the socioboard tools, you can make this engagement task with ease. You can use the social groups feature in the socioboard. From there, you can send personal and group messages to all the group members. You can save the messages in the dashboard.

#3 Use twitter promoted trends

Twitter promoted trends are a special option to target leads. If you can afford a significant advertising budget, you can use this feature very effectively. These are featured as the hot trend in the lead generation. A budget of around $200,000 is required to organize the promoted trends campaign.


If you play the game well with the collaboration of a twitter ad specialist, you can make more out of it.

These are magnificent because they are featured next to the user’s’ timeline. They are tailored to users depending on the location of the users. So, you can reach your targeted users precisely.

These promoted Trends should be context-, time- and event-sensitive trends. Likewise, they are a great path to launch new products, seed conversations or generate buzz around events and major announcements.

Final word:

So, when you want to target your local customers, make sure you enabled your location service. If it is not activated, turn it on as mentioned in the article. Just search for the targeted users and make interaction with them. Use the SocioBoard’s search tools for this services.