Are you using Instagram for your small business?

There are some hidden features of Instagram that are not much used by business people. Here we are presenting what the features are and how you can use them. So, keep reading this article to improve  your online presence.

#1 Explore & Search

This Explore feature of Instagram allow you discovering new real time conversations. You can make it with the use of trending tags and hashtags. With this feature, the work is going to be easier than ever before.


The Search feature makes you search by the three potential channels place, tag, and person. You can find your prospects with this feature. You can find both the features together as Discovery in the SocioBoard tool.


These features allow you to:

1 Find new followers

You can new Instagram users who are your prospects. You can follow them and view the content they are sharing.

2 Engage with potential users

You can search your potential users nearby your location. This is very easy to engage with the people who are in your location. You can make them as your customers and make good business.

3 Involve in trending topics

You can participate in the conversations that are trending. You can air your ideas and even, you may have a chance to explain your business to others. This can be very helpful for you to increase influence in the Instagram platform. You can also increase your followers.

#2 Manage Filters

This may not seem as an important one. But looking deep into this, you can admit the use of this feature. To grab the eyeballs, you have to make attractive and effective posts. You have to use the Instagram filters efficiently.


There are so many filters available on Instagram. You can manage the filters and hide the filters that are of no use. This can make the editing process go smooth saving your valuable time.

#3 Activity

You have to follow the people who are famous and influential in your industry. You need to know what they are following and what they are liking. You can know this with the help of the Activity feature.


Just go to the Activity feature and swipe the screen left to the following. There on the screen, you can see the list of the people whom you are following and what they are following.

#4 Post Notifications

You have to get some regular updates from your prospects and industry gurus. You cannot search obsessively for the updates from the people you follow. For this, you can use the Post Notifications feature of Instagram to get the updates of your favorites.

Just head to your profile. There, tap on the three dots where you can find the option Turn on the Post Notifications.

When you are using the SocioBoard, you can get the live feeds for Instagram. This can serve the same purpose that said above.


#5 Direct Messages

Yes, you can send direct messages to your prospects. This is the feature not known to many of the Instagram users. According to the survey, only 85 million users out of 400 million users.

This can increase the engagement with your targeted users. To send the direct messages, just click on the arrow which is located after the like and comment symbols in the post. There you can send the post personally to any other users.

When you are using the SocioBoard tool, you can make it with the compose message option. There you can select the profiles of the users you want to send messages.



These are the hidden features that are not much used by the businesses. You can utilize these features for the growth of your business. SocioBoard is already there for you to leverage these features of Instagram and other social media as well.