Nowadays people want full range of settings and actions to increase their followers in the Instagram. Some people also buy followers to make their profile look professional, these fake followers does not have any interest in your any post or anything you uploaded. With the gramboardpro, you can get the real followers who are really interested towards your work. All these make your Instagram marketing easier.


You can make more and more followers in a very simple and easy manner. As they work with the innovative technology, they make their website more user friendly and interesting for the viewers. You can subscribe to the window and get the follower’s name. You can upload the name of the file of the following or clear the data by putting the name of the following. You can also manage the time by delaying the maximum and the minimum time. After this make a simple click on the start follow or the on the stop. After all this you get the logger in which you can load your account. You can enhance your Instagram and can make more followers just by the easy installation of the gramboardpro.



There are many people who get disturbed with unusual activity of the follower. You can automate your profile by liking and by the commenting activity. For the un-following process you can click on the un-follow user. You can click on the upload and upload or clearing by the name to un-follow the file to un-follow. Same as the follower window you manage the time delay and click on the start and stop buttons. Finally you can un-follow those who are not following back by the simple click on the start un-follow and then stop.


Get followers:

You can get more and more followers with numerous features. You can submit all the action by entering the username and the account of the user. After entering you can click on the start or stop. After clicking stop, you can simply select to view the data by selecting the username. All these can be refreshed and can be cleared with ease of the simple click. You can manage the delay time by the maximum and minimum time. After these you can simply view the data. We make the work more flexible and make your Instagram marketing easy. We conclude by saying gramboardpro is a powerful tool for automating the Instagram.


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