Instagram is an amazing photo sharing community, which when used correctly can be a highly-targeted, photographic marketing channel for businesses and brands. In fact, as per a recent study it was found that Instagram offers businesses 25 percent higher engagement than any other social networking platforms. It means that Instagram can turn out to be a prime channel for building your brand reputation for your online business.

Today, Instagram has become an important and inseparable part of people’s lives. It has always been a great way to show or share parts of your life to the world. It’s like being a celebrity with you bringing along a built-in photographer on your phone. It would be great if you (businesses) can show everything in real time but let’s face it, the world is not perfect and a lot of factors can hinder you. Therefore, why not opt for the next best thing—“Scheduling”! GramBoardPro is such an awesome tool assisting in maximizing Instagram experience for businesses, and for individuals as well. Many businesses and leading brands are using Instagram as a key marketing tool (and people as well).


GramBoardPro, a perfect tool especially designed for managing multiple Instagram accounts, which is a dream for many social media managers. This tool is aimed at managing multiple Instagram accounts all together, and crafts an easily communicating dashboard with numerous features that makes using the Instagram a lot easier.

Using GramBoardPro, you can simply post pics, schedule them at times when your target audiences are mostly available. This tool will ease all the tasks involved in Instagram marketing campaigns.

How Frequently To Schedule Posts?


Many people and businesses ponder over the question, “How Often Should I Schedule My Post?” Because of the fact that Instagram is using both visual as well as personal visual content, and the platform’s nature, it can be quite tricky to correctly balance between active and overactive.

Usually, the things come down to stuff the post on your account. For instance— if you have an online fashion store, your audience may want to see things no less than 2-3 times in a week. Updating frequently and moreover at the right time will make more people engaged with your brand or business.

Scheduling also depends on how much you want your account to be active. Remember, appearing too much or too frequent may make your audience irritate. Many people are using Instagram as a smart tool to connect with the community, in general, instead of a dump site for their pictures and videos. So being a regular commenter and follow is also going to be more helpful than always sharing images.

In case, you simply want your account to turn into a content hub, posting every day is recommended. This is where scheduling of post comes in actions; it gives the flexibility for one to schedule lots of posts at the start of the week itself only, and then it get posted according to the scheduled time.


Scheduling do help a lot, but should certainly not be your merely way of posting. Remember, Instagram was introduced for taking and sharing “in the now” moments with the loved and closed ones, so use it smartly during your busy schedule and stay connected to your audiences.

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