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Are you interested in the Instagram marketing?

Does your Instagram marketing need a fresh boost?

Are you thinking about exploring in new social channels or dabbling more with Instagram posts?
Want to fast-track and grow your business (and prove yourself what you’re doing is working for your brand and leads more engagement?

What if we show you an easy way to discover and enforce the newest Instagram tactics?

The most demanding mobile photo-sharing social media app reached over 300 million monthly active users, passing Twitter’s and Facebook’s number of active users and engagement rate (120 times more engagement than twitter and 58 times more engagement than Facebook). The platform also hit a major milestone last December.

Recently, photo sharing app unveiled a new ads solution for marketers to improve their brands efficacy based on newest Instagram marketing strategy. Now, brands can integrate external links such as “Learn More” and “Buy Now” within Instagram’s existing marketing interface.

We all aware with the fact that Instagram is the marketing platform which can impress your cranky social media users very easily, but you need to know how you influence them and get your brand in on the right action mode – 11 Instagram Marketing Tips from the Gramboardpro Nuggets of Knowledge


so, are you ready to explore the largest social engaging platform ‘Instagram’? If the answer is YES, to help you, we created few number of Instagram marketing and managing tips blog posts that will guide you. These blog posts will teach you the best ways to gain new followers, engage more audience and earning credibility on the creative-driven social channels.

In the blog posts, we share all the essential steps and guidelines that both a start-up and a well establish online business need to know…

How to Manage Pictures on Instagram – The entire guide is fully dedicated for managing your Instagram accounts.


The guide will enable people to more proficiently manage their Instagram profiles, people can increase the number of Instagram’s likes, fans, comments. The post will also tell about how to use auto-manage option that can automatically manage the activities like: commenting on photos, liking photos and also the following action.

9 Ways to Ethically Gain More Followers on Instagram – Best ways to gain followers.


How to use your creativity on Instagram? Like what you read share with your audience.

How to create and locate a call-to-action?

How to use hastage and caption?

How to relate your content with targeted audience? And achieve more leads.

Gramboardpro: How to Manage More Followers with Ease?

Nowadays people want full-range of settings and actions to increase their followers in the Instagram. Some people also buy followers to make their account look professional, these fake followers doesn’t have any interest into any post or anything you uploaded.


With the guidance of Gramboardpro, you can explore the ways- How get the real followers? who are really interested towards your work? All these make your Instagram marketing easier.

GramBoardPro: A Foolproof Way to Schedule Instagram Updates


We all aware that Instagram is an amazing photo sharing community, which when used correctly can be a highly-targeted, photographic marketing channel for businesses and brands. In fact, as per a recent study it was found that Instagram offers businesses higher engagement than Twitter and Facebook. It means that Instagram can turn out to be a prime channel for building your brand reputation for your online business.

How to Automate your Instagram Marketing Campaigns with GramBoardPro – Best Practices for Liking, Posting & Commenting.



How to give love back by liking your fans and followers photographs?

How to use location tags and hashtags that are relevant to your brands?

How to search the right kinds of photographs?

How to drag people’s interest to check out your business profile?

How to use your brand’s authentic voice when you crafting caption copy for any post?

How to shoot from various angles, and how to try create knolling and flat lay images and where to get the idea?



How to give a behind-the-scenes screen at your business?

How to acknowledge your audience that your effort is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or administered by, or connected with, Instagram whenever you host a product promotion.

How to use hashtags that are directly relevant to your photographs and/or brand?



How to exchanges thoughts on Instagram?

How to leave thoughtful comments that looks genuine and/or devote to the social community?

How to do comment on (appropriate) photos on which your brands has been tagged or mentioned in?

What all features makes Gramboardpro operative for Instagram users?


Today, every business and brands are turning to Instagram to make their accounts visible over the net and reach out more targeted audiences. But, do you think that is it possible to track the effects of the microblogging network? What can you do to reach out the targeted crowd of people? All these are possible with the help of Gramboardpro. And the blog post will provide you step by step information about how to use Instagram features to turn your business into a lucrative one.

And at the last… of the most important part- ‘BIO SECTION‘ that you should know before starting your marketing Campaign on Instagram



In one single or in two sentences max, inform customers about your item and/or company.


Tools like Bitly, Improvely or Google’s URL contractor allow you to produce a link that monitors clicks and/or conversions from your own Instagram account.


Consider using this 1 link Instagram Permits to create visitors to some strategy, like a marketing or Competition, or even to other unique information.


Inside your biography, consult people to label their Pictures together with your brand’s hashtag(s) to get an opportunity to be presented on your account.


List your contact data so customers can quickly relate solely to you from Instagram.


Update your resource periodically to advertise Revenue and/or Instagram special offers.

So if you want to learn how to gain Followers attraction and credibility on Instagram for your brand, Visit our blog site Socioboard Blog to get started now!

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