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Social media automation is actually a blessing, especially when you’re having trouble juggling all of your social accounts, and buckled regarding time. Instead of having so many benefits of automating your social media marketing campaign, still there are many people who strictly tip off against using it on the following grounds.  But here are some of the myths unrevealed about the social media automation, and why those myths don’t hold water.

Myth 1: Automating Your Posts Ahead May Make Your Posts Inapt

With the number of posts that are published on social media platforms, looking over the attention of your audiences is no mean task. If are thinking to ensure that you simply stay on the top of your audience’s notification feed, you’ll need to share your contents more often and regularly. The mere way to accomplish both consistency and quantity in your social networking activities is by automating your tasks ahead of time. The secret would be to ensure that you share the latest, and relevant information, which restricts time sensitivity and can be further shared by anyone, anytime. But additionally keep in mind that the routine for posting does not need to be set-in-stone. Let your posting schedule be flexible, and give some space for that periodic articles that are unplanned.

Myth 2: It Leaves You with Little Control over the Content You Share

Automating your social content means that you’ll have the flexibility to decide precisely how actually your social media accounts will look like in the upcoming days, or even months and that too well in advance. If anything, planning and scheduling the contents to be shared in social media will only improve the control you practice over it. You can simply filter the content you are posting depending on the message you want to share with your audience. Evaluate every bit of content before publishing it to make sure that it gets bang with your audience.

Myth 3: Scheduling Social Media Posts Makes It less Personal

Among the main goals of social media marketing would be to develop a good following for your company, and build a connection with your followers and target audience. Social media automation will do nothing to hinder how your fans connect to your company, or the manner in which you decide to connect to them. On the other hand, it will help you to improve your social media activities and save your time & efforts required for recurring tasks like posting content to your different social accounts. Scheduling your posts with SocioBoard Core offers you to have more time for other vital tasks like interacting with your followers and getting engaged with them.

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Myth 4: Automation Tools Can Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

However, top enterprise tools can turn out to be heavy on your shoestring budget, but SocioBoard Core is the world’s first open source social media management tool available in a very reasonable price along with a free trial of 30 days. There are myriads of tools available in the market offering different value proposition, so it’s better to pick the social media tool very wisely and with care. The tools you pick should depend on the social media platforms you want to optimize and use. Taking into consideration that the focus of your social media marketing efforts will lie in some of the specific social networking platforms, you must use tools that are developed specifically for them.

Myth 5: Using Automation Tool Will Leave You behind Real-Time Conversations

A prediction that several administrators and companies make is that automation could fully replace the human touch from social media marketing. Today, there are some available couple of automation tool that let you attain different degrees of efficiency. Some enable you to get and share fantastic contents, many provide you with better insights into your audience’s conduct, while others allow you to assess the accomplishment of your marketing efforts. There are also resources that will monitor real-time conversations which are relevant to your market or industry. All you have to do, is listen to them without missing any of them.

In fact, automation can not only assist you in leveraging your social or online presence across different social networking platforms, but can also assist you in saving a significant amount of your efforts and time, which can be further invested in expanding your business.

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