Real-time Marketing

According to a recent research, a whopping of 98% of marketers agreed that they have received a positive ROI on using real-time strategies as a part of their social media campaigns. The research serves as a powerful endorsement of a quick and flexible tactic which accounts for real-time content.

The Results are Clear

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Smart and savvy marketers have adopted such strategies because of the fact that they’re attaining good, effective results. According to the research, 78% of brands have reaped a return on investment of at least 50% of their starting investment. Also, 89% of real-time marketers agreed that they have an excellent ability to link up real-time marketing efforts with the overall business and marketing goals. The leading earners are even much more opportunistic especially when using leading events like an introducing pad for real-time content, showing that a quick approach and dedication to the strategy surely does pays off.

Nowadays, the top brand marketers do not depend on any planned campaigns. They’re rather looking forward to social media for finding real-time, user-generated moments to influence more sophisticated and engaging campaigns. This strategy is very much effective in paying off. More companies are making use of the right technology for finding and analyzing the real-time moments and thus make use of them in a significant way for connecting real-time efforts to the overall marketing objectives and higher revenue results.

What’s more is that real-time marketing is turning out to be a progressively valued activity, and thus more brands are planning to increase their investments as an effect. The research also found that 59% of the survey respondents are planning to add more bucks in their real-time marketing budgets in the upcoming year, and 66 % stated that they will raise social media expend specifically.

Marketers Need Much Better Social Media Technologies

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The research also showed that much better technologies are needed for improving the social media analytics, search and response times. Just 4 % of the survey respondents agreed that they can reply back to any of the breaking news or some events on social media platform in less than one minute, instead of the fact that 26% define real-time marketing as breaking within seconds. Nearly half of the real-time marketers stated that they are not able to respond to any of the breaking news before 30 minutes, while almost a quarter stated that it takes them an hour or more for responding.

Though real-time marketers are able to see the useful value in leveraging the social network, 93% of the survey respondents stated that they actually want to respond to the latest and trending social media’s content and new more quickly for improving their real-time overall marketing efforts. Also, 47% of respondents stated that restricted budget and resources are actually their top challenges, and 41% indicated a need of good social media research and analytics tools.

Overall, the research found that the real-time marketing is actually paying off good for most of the brands, but having the right technology can be more helpful in boosting their returns even more. More latest social analytics and search capabilities will assist the marketers in a better way to understand and know about the real-time moments to conduct engaging, reliable campaigns, turning out to an effective social media strategy driving good real business and marketing results.