At present, there are about 800 and more social networking sites. Your prospect customers may be on anyone of them, or most probably, on many of them. However, no one has that much of people, money and moreover time to go after scores of sites! Therefore, the key is to focus on your social media presence on a couple of social networks where it actually counts!

The obvious choices are the big four: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each social network is different and unique in its own way, so while choosing a social network for your brand or company you first have to consider few things.

How do you know your target audience?


Who are all your ideal customers? Before beginning your quest for your potential customers, firstly know or identify your target customer. Do a good, thorough research on your competitor, because opportunities are, where your competitors are focusing and spending their social measure, you should, too! Using this information and research prioritize leading 3-4 social networks. It’s not a good choice to start with many social networks at once. It’s recommended to make a social media strategy with greater focus to get succeed easily!

Initiate with the Basics


Age, education, gender, interest, and location play a vital role in identifying where you can easily get your target audience. Start creating your social media strategy with demographic and social media hints from your CRM.

Age: Before picking social media platform for your brand, identify the platform where your target audience are more actively online. Identify the age group of your target audience to know who make up the core demographic of that particular social network.

Gender: Know the gender of your audience whom you want to target so that you can narrow down your strategy accordingly.

Location: Looking for targeting your local audience or looking for the international audience? Most of the social media sites attract lots of global businesses, so it’s good to identity from which location you want to target your audience.

Educated or Professionals: LinkedIn surpass the other social networking websites basically in user education level as well as white-collar professionals. Their key demographic group lies between 30 – 49 years old, and the fastest-growing demographic is college graduates. Twitter is another top choice for the executive crowd.

Get Competitive Insights


Beginning with a detailed perceptive of your customers is excellent, but its true that people don’t always act in the manner as predicted. Before you turn over all-in on a social networking platform, run a smart competitor analysis report to know about what they post, where they post, and in what ways their audience responds to them. Knowing all these can help you target your audience in a much better way.

If you are in a B2C industry where you can make use of powerful visuals (fashion, food, jewelry, photography, travel, etc.), your target audiences are most probable to respond you back on Facebook, Instagram, as its an ideal place to start showing your offered products and services to your existing customers and target audience. B2B users in the professional field will most likely interested in information than conceive of pictures, however, eye-catchy and informative images increases the chance of sharing the post.

Take the assistance of experienced leaders of your industry and social media pioneers to assist you in deciding which type of content to produce that will benefit the most. Don’t mimic, accept it. If the customers of your competitors like something, take ideas from your competitor’s stuff and produce it in a much better form. If they frequently share pics, you too post eye-catching photos to entice your competitor’s customers and make them engaged with your brand.

Spread your Presence and Own It


It’s not true that you should always follow the rules. Whatever social networking platform you select to market your brand must be very popular among your target audience, but at the other side should be easy and adaptable for you. Once you select the platform to market your business which matches your customers, industry and preferences, ensure are constant and regular for your outreach. Post or update something daily in your social media account at least once, cross-promote content for building the audience on other social media platforms as well, and respond back properly to every comment, query, or mention.

The Right Place at the Right Time


A good and active social media presence is all about being in the correct place, at the most appropriate time, with the right piece of contents. Be self-generated, unique, attractive and unexpected – but make sure to be targeted and intentional!

Consider the social media platforms you elect and presence as a part of your aim of delivering excellent and quality customer service to make your brand a big success.

Bonus Tip!


SocioBoard Core, is an open source social media management tool that assists in managing multiple numbers of social media accounts at once, and helping businesses to have a robust online presence in each one of them to reach out more target audience at real time. This tool helps to manage all the social network platforms from a single dashboard so there’re no more worries to logging from different accounts and update. SocioBoard Core gives the flexibility to operate, post and schedule updates for different social media accounts and platforms from a single place with much ease.

Find Your Social Sweet Spot