Improved Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are one of the popular ad formats on facebook. On slideshows, we use a photo collection to create a lightweight video. These ads are used around 200 countries in the world mostly in the areas where high-speed internet is unaffordable to see video ads. And around 50% of the marketers using slideshow ads haven’t used video ads ever before.

These ads are more effective and engaging than the static images and these can be created with low budget and effort. So far, we couldn’t make creatives with music and text included. This was a small disappointment for advertisers in making more effective ads.

Creators! get ready to captivate your audience.

Facebook has improved its slideshow ads feature that you can make ads just look like video ads. Now you can:

Add text and music

Images with text overlaid are always engaging. In the improved version of slideshow ads, you can add text to your images. Text formatting feature is also there for you.

And add some beautiful background score to your creative. As of now, facebook gives you a range of soundtracks. And very soon, you will be able to add your own tracks.

Create ads on your mobile itself

Yes, you heard it right. Just use your Android mobile to create slideshow ads.

Access and use stock images

You may or may not have a great collection of images. It’s not at all a problem now. You can get access to the stock images database and check thousands of image creatives. Select what you want and use them in your ads. You can also use the image library from your facebook page.

pic assets of videos

Take your videos to users with all speeds of internet

As said earlier, not all the user can enjoy your video creatives owing to the limited internet speeds. Facebook makes you overcome this hassle easily. Use the assets of your videos and make a slideshow. Use 2G targeting to serve the ads to people using low-bandwidth connections.

Just upload the videos to the slideshow tool. It will automatically make 10 image stills from the video. Combine them all and make an attractive creative.

Just an example

You know slideshow ads are very cost effective and engaging than the static image ads. Just to support this development, we are giving an example of ‘Stance’, a sock business that leverages slideshow ads on facebook.

stance on facebook

Their main goal was improving the engagement vastly. They launched new model socks and want to reach their targeted audience in a large number. And they want to increase their CTR and sales. But they want it all done at a reduced cost per action.

What they did?

Facebook slideshow ads are the best solution they found. They created a series of images showcasing their fabulous sock designs using the improved slideshow feature. And they have run the ad campaign for 6 weeks during March-April, 2016.  And the final results are amazing:

  • They wanted to improve their CTR. And finally, they got 2.4 times of CTR improvement.
  • They reduced their cost per action by 48%.
  • Their return on ad spend increased by 1.4 times.


Just observing the results that Stance had got for its slideshow ads, we can easily understand the impact of these ads on facebook. Mostly, they are cost effective. With the former feature, we couldn’t add text or music. With the new improved features, we got a chance to create more engaging ads in a less time.

What would you say? Let us know your opinions and ideas on these ads and let your fellow marketers know.