In 2015, Facebook totally altered the way Newsfeed works for its users. These changes will especially impact brands and how they run Facebook marketing campaigns through their Facebook fan pages. These changes can impact your company’s Facebook marketing campaign as well, therefore, to help your enterprise adapt, I’ve summarized some common concerns as well as their answers. It is time to get ready for recent Facebook changes and create an effective Facebook marketing strategy that can expand your reach.


Common concerns on how marketing on Facebook will change in 2015

Concern#1: What changes were made in the Facebook Newsfeed in 2015?

Have you began noticing that posts on your Facebook page isn’t showing up as much in Newsfeeds? Has your business’ engagement level recently dropped off in your Facebook page? The reason being is Facebook making a major change to enhance the Newsfeed experience for its users.

Facebook is going to cut down the quantity of excessively promotional posts in user’s Facebook Newsfeeds, according to the current statement on Facebook’s official blog.


Below are a few of the features which make Facebook organic posts feel overly promotional:

— Posts that only push people to install an app or buy a product.

— Posts that re-use the identical content from previous advertisements

— Posts that drive people to enter sweepstakes and promotions without any real context

This also indicates that all organic distribution may fall, so if you’d like to build up your products and services, your company must follow the path of Facebook for Company: Facebook marketing. If Facebook Marketing Pages are a vital portion of your company’s marketing strategy, this change means you’ll need to deal with Facebook Marketing Ads to get the exact user engagement on all organic posts that endorse your services and products.

To find out more in regards to the changes, please read the Facebook’s statement here.

Concern #2: What do these changes mean for small enterprises that don’t have enough money to invest in Facebook marketing?


If you do not have enough budget to invest in Facebook marketing, here are a few ideas to help you go ahead.

  1. Examine your Facebook marketing-strategy and make post shaving higher probability to be viewed on Facebook. This kind of content has to offer value to your target audience–content from which they can learn, engage and share with.
  2. Make use of the right hyperlink format when submitting links on your Facebook webpage rather than burying hyperlinks in image captions.
  3. Run a posting test on Facebook to know what kind of posts like most and gets the higher engagement. By way of example, a lot of Hootsuite’s & Socioboard users are SME owners and social media managers. Rather than publishing more common stuffs like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Thanksgiving!” Try to post content with valuable advice related to that special event, such as: “how can you increase your sales on this Thanksgiving by doing this and so….”
  4. Upload videos and images on Instagram and cross post to Facebook
  5. Make use of a social media calendar to arrange post on your Facebook page

Expert Tip: Timely posts will get rewarded with a top position in people’s Newsfeeds

Concern #3: What if my company has a modest marketing budget?

Among the benefits of the latest social media marketing is the fact that it is adaptable and better able to adapt budget manacles than traditional media. By targeting your advertising smartly, you can reach higher productivity than any billboard. Companies with modest marketing budgets also can use Facebook Marketing towards the target audience so that you can expand your reach.


Facebook Marketing ideas to expand your organic reach on Facebook

Know your target audience on Facebook

Use Facebook intuitions to determine the demographic collapse of your audience. This information is valuable as it gives insight on content that relates the most with your crowd, and what communication method your audience reacts to the greatest.

Don’t focus solely on selling

Among the major causes why Facebook is altering its algorithm is because even more companies are posting only sales-driven content, compared to resourceful content that can provide value to their audience. Social media giant Facebook is trying to end this culture, as they need to make the user – experience more enjoyable on Facebook. So, if companies are provoked to rethink their Facebook marketing plan, there will be a more valuable subject matter offered to their audiences.

Post your best post on Facebook

Facebook wants only the best content to appear on their users’ news feeds. Meaning that in order for a company to get user-engagement on their posts, select content that is trending on other social media channels or your company’ content-marketing system? Content that’s got many clicks, re-tweets, and visitors will most probably do well on Facebook as well (and don’t forget the golden rule: best content is the content that can offer value to your audience).

Encourage your employees too to engage with your audience on Facebook

One of the easiest ways to raise your organic reach on Facebook is to encourage your employees to engage with your Facebook page. The more engagement, clicks, likes, comments, shares, your Facebook posts get, the more your organic reach will improve on Facebook.

Do not forget to reply

If you really want user-engagement on your Facebook page, you’ve to engage with your audience as well. You must reply to each and every comment you receive on your post; if you receive a post on your company page, respond back to that particular post. Including a little bit human touch can make a big difference and will leave your audience with a happy heart and a smile on their face that will grow your Facebook presence dramatically.

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