FaceBoardPro is an open-source Facebook management solution, which is used to deal with numerous Facebook accounts used by the organizations and businesses to market their brand online. It assists in reaching to the targeted audience directly, manage & schedule the posts and business campaigns. For the startup businesses, it can greatly help them to attain their goal easily.

How FaceBoardPro is Beneficial for Businesses?

  • Increase your traffic
  • Improve ROI
  • Eases Facebook marketing
  • Scale up the marketing efforts and help businesses to grow.

FaceBoardPro simplifies your task of managing numbers of Facebook accounts by offering a single dashboard to manage numbers of FB accounts easily, without missing out any important notification! Gathering out important and useful information & data from Facebook can help the businesses to take next steps for their betterments.

For business owners, FaceBoardPro can turn out to be extraordinarily beneficial. Usually, businesses have different Facebook profiles and pages they not to manage at the same time in order to build a good online presence among the people dwelling in different corners of the world. From every nook and cranny of the world, people are actively using Facebook, so Facebook has turned out to be a vital marketing tool for the smart and savvy marketers.

But, how can FaceBoardPro benefit you with Facebook Marketing?


Account Management: Simply upload your different Facebook accounts, monitor the active and inactive accounts, friends, fans and followers of your Facebook accounts in just a single click.

Event Management: Lets you easily manage the complete events on Facebook.

Group Management: Lets you manage your different Facebook groups of different Facebook profiles. You can manage multiple posts in each group and use the targeted group URLs. This lets you schedule the add/delete group posts.

Friends Management: Lets you add people by searching via Geo-location, profile name, URLs, etc.

Pages Management: Allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages. You can add images or share contents on your own Facebook page as well as on the targeted fan pages.

Photo Management: This allows you to tag your friends on images, which entices people’s attention to your page.

Wall Management: This allows to post contents on your timeline or wall, or your friend’s wall.

Data Management: This is a kind of scraper that lets you to focus only on the targeted audience, by scraping vital data about fan page members, group members, etc.

The key features that makes FaceBoardPro different from other social media management tools are:

  • Easily reaching your targeted customers without spending any dime on Facebook advertisements!
  • Makes sure that your message directly gets dropped in the targeted user’s inbox.
  • Connecting with the targeted audiences without letting them know that you’re using any software.
  • Extract FB IDs and Friends quickly.
  • Schedule posts efficiently.
  • Send messages to the targeted customer.
  • Customize your search result using Facebook custom Audience Feature.
  • Automatically manage numerous Facebook fan pages and groups.
  • Interact with your friends automatically by liking their posts.
  • Make trending posts by using the auto tagging feature.
  • Invite the friends to your new fan/business page to easily reap more likes.
  • You can bump your post with a single click.
  • Gives information about people having same interest as that of yours offered products or services.
  • User friendly interface.
  • And much more!!!!



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