Instagram having a giant, young user base and top profiles reaps more than 110 times the engagement of most-engaging profiles on Twitter, has ultimately turned into a best friend for all the social and digital marketers.

Knowing how to effectively engage with the Instagram audiences has turned out to be the most crucial skill a social or digital marketer can learn in today’s time of tough competition.

SocioBoard Core, world’s first open-source social media analytics, management and reporting platform supporting 9 social media platforms, is offering a magical tool for marketers they must have been looking for. We have fully integrated Instagram metrics into the SocioBoard Analytics— and not only this— we have also identified several techniques which can eventually assist you in becoming a better, smart and savvy Instagram marketer.

  • See how leading brands like Nike, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many more make their audiences and customers coming back for more.

  • Know how to keep track of your audience, customers and engagement to optimize your content in a better way and reach a bigger crowd of audience.

  • Understand the importance of measuring your social success and of your competitors’ as well.

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