I’m sure that your jaw dropped out when you get aware of the advertisement revenue detail of Twitter. Twitter raked in $710 million in advertising revenue without getting any significant increment in its active users was recorded last quarter. Then how the platform gets a 48% increment in advertising revenue.

Twitter has set the ball rolling with mega Super Bowl schemes as the advertising stakes in the social media space are really high for 2016. Rather than running a $10 million TV ad, big brands prefer to do shopping for Twitter’s $1 million worth sponsored emojis.

This amazing strategy took Twitter into a completely new direction to success. The following is a look at what has changed with twitter ad and what marketers can expect from it.

Big brands including Dove and Coca-Cola have gone gaga for the minuscule digital emojis that reward brand’s consumers for tweeting out with branded hashtags.

The New Style: Here’s how brands are using Twitter emojis-



How do they start?

In September, the soda brand became the first to pay twitter for a custom or sponsor emoji.

Actual Campaign Strategy:

Whenever people tweeted #ShareaCoke, Twitter creates an image of two Coca-Cola bottles tinkling a part of its standard social campaign that also included custom-made ads and out –of-home activations.

The new Campaign strategy works, Twitter recorded approx. 170,500 mentions of #ShareaCoke within a day that directly hit the targeted traffic. The brand satisfied with this huge result and will use the Twitter graphic in other social marketing campaigns for the rest of 2016.



How do they start?

One of the iconic chain’s holiday marketing has done by Red Coffee Cups when they added a Twitter emoji to their 2015’s Campaign.

Actual Campaign Strategy:

Each time a post get tags with #RedCups plugs an icon of a coffee cup into that particular post. With the same hashtag, people can post pictures of their Starbuck’s cups on Instagram and can be a contestant in their contest to win cards for the best pics.

The brand noted that people get engaged with their hashtag and very, very much interested in their contest.  Hence, the brand gets huge success with their Instagram contest.



How do they start?

Straight and Sleek- Before the invention of Twitter’s sponsored or custom emojis, women emojis only had a single hairstyle. The brand got their target point to stick on and they start.

Actual Campaign Strategy:

AS per the report of research 82% of curly-haired women looking to have more choices of images, Unilever-owned Dove decided to create an app and a Twitter realistic to support its campaign named as “Love Your Curls”. Each time a post tweets with #LoveYourCurls, an image of a woman with curly hair and a heart appears on the post.

Greys Anatomy


How do they start?

There’s no doubt that Twitter already has a huge chart of post engagement data built on the use of hashtag emoji, so they’ve developed a good idea of how they’ll be adopted and accepted by the huge Twitter community. But it’s always very complex when it becomes an actual ad device, as conflicting to a cool fan support option. After observing the huge success of Twitter’s cool campaign strategy many brands hanging with them and one of the most popular one is Greys Anatomy with their #GreysAnatomy.

Actual Campaign Strategy:

With this amazing campaign idea, Twitter opened the door for the possibility to get hooked more brand with Twitter. Branded emoji campaigns of Twitter offers get a response to the initial images of brands and that was pretty good. Marketers also predicted that it’ll open up more marketing success for brands and advertisers lead for Twitter.



How do they start?

With the strategy and concept of make India Digitally strong, the Indian government is subsidizing today’s Digital marketing’s Promoted Trend—an ad format that costs almost $200,000—with a custom-made emoji of a Lion (The National Animal of India).

Actual Campaign Strategy:

With this Campaign strategy, India becomes first non-U.S. brand to create a custom or sponsored graphic for the microblogging platform. The #MakeInIndia hashtag and attending emoji endorse India as a center of global business.

Emoji Usage over the Time:

There will be an inherent risk that sponsored emojis could turn people off and can become an annoyance for regular active Twitter users. But offering the huge popularity of sponsored emoji, it’s pretty unlikely that this new possibility will be seen that way.


The small images have been popular to the point that each stage has been attempting to better consolidate them into their abilities – even Facebook’s recently launched “emoji reaction” to post content. Given this, whether you like them or not, emoji appear as though they’re digging in for the long haul – and given their prevalence, it bodes well for advertisers to stay aware of this pattern and utilize it, where they can, to expand affect and produce more extensive range and reaction. In this sense, a more extensive take off of sponsored emoji choices on Twitter is something of an easy decision and you can hope to see more emoji crawling into your Twitter channel after some time. There might come a period when they’re excessive when individuals have had enough of little smiley faces and special pictures that outline a notion with a marked picture. Be that as it may, not yet. In spite of the fact that it is fascinating to take a gander at the reaction to the #shareacoke hashtag since its dispatch.


A big introductory spike in utilization, then a huge drop-off that is as yet trailing downwards. Perhaps this will be the standard for custom emoji use on the stage, possibly they’re a short-term, special expansion, best utilized as a part of conjunction with cases and not much else. That is still a really decent use for them, and probably a lot of brands would see scope and engagement profits by such utilize. In any case, it’ll fascinating to perceive how, precisely, the custom emoji are utilized and what inventive methodologies can be placed set up to augment their viability – which, obviously, will likewise be impacted by the sum Twitter charges to run them in any case. It’s unquestionably a fascinating expansion and one which greater brands are probably as of now considering and figuring into their techniques. Be that as it may, the key thing will be the measurements – the engagement numbers on the back of the introductory endeavors will be the part to be considered if this new offering is to end up something more critical. We anticipate those numbers with extraordinary foresight.

Bottom Line

Twitter’s new sponsored advertising has something for brands (both small and big) in 2016. From custom-made tweets and accounts to sponsored trends and moments, the shifts replicate the wider social marketing trends we’ll be seeing on Twitter.

Also, Twitter ads will see brands expenses more in 2016 as per the announcement of private ad services for clients. From the first view to the sponsored emojis, Twitter ad means more advertising revenue from both small and big brands in 2016.

However, these advertisements are at risk of reduced customers reach, following users’ scandal over the outline of the custom-made timeline, first view, and area-based campaign trends. Twitter’s proclamation of algorithm-based endorsed tweets has glinted user scandal leading to the hashtag #RIPTwitter.