Social media marketing can be considered as a mine field. If it is carried out badly it will lead to wastage of your precious time with empty handed. But, don’t be hopeless, you will get to know how to do it correctly, in this case, studies. However, it will show you to generate healthy revenue!

Social media is a platform that provides you the real opportunities for your business like from one tweet can generate a deal of $250,000. If you want to know the mystery behind this success you must study the story behind the success of others. Because of this, here are some case studies that will show you how they get success through perfect social media campaigns.


The social media is perfect for marketing. Here, you will get to know about some larger companies who leverage their business at social media. Here, there are some highlighted key points that they have applied which are so worldwide you can also apply the same and get benefits for yourself.

Case Study 1:

No Makeup Selfie Campaign– “Cancer Research”

Cancer research increased massive £8 million pounds through the Facebook campaign. Interestingly, this to some degree accidental campaign was not sorted out by Cancer Research. An old Facebook user who is 18 seats Fionna Cunningham was motivated to make the first page in the wake of viewing Kim Novak get an Oscars’ award without make-up. So what finished this campaign so fruitful?


Fionna began the campaign by basically soliciting ladies to post photographs from themselves on Facebook without wearing cosmetics for awareness of cancer. Significantly, she requesting that their usage the hashtag “#nomakeupselfie”. Force started building and individuals began enquiring Cancer Research if the battle campaign theirs.

Why did it successful?

The huge achievement of the no makeup selfie is many-sided and comes to past this creator. All things considered a great deal of the achievements bases on the guidelines social piggybacking. It is the procedure of utilizing a mainstream pattern or social Zeitgeist to broaden the span of your message past its typical parameters.

Case Study 2:

Transport or Freight – “Air Asia”

Problem Overview: Air Asia are an unknown small Malaysian Airline hoping to commence another flight from Australia. They were up against the wild competition, however, did not have the financial backing to compete with a powerful marketing campaign. They expected to increase brand awareness.


How Did They Manage Their Problems?

They commence a Facebook campaign to give away a free plane. All things considered, nearly a free plan. Air Asia made a campaign whereby the champion could pick 302 of their friends on Facebook to fly free from Australia to Malaysia with them. The competition permitted you to pick what friends to bring with you and also tag them in the seating arrangement.


Why did it successful?

They get success because the campaign has the enormous viral potential, provide something in free which is precious, Tackle the principle of interchange and make audience involve in their social media campaigns.

Case Study 3:

Hair Salon—“ Emerson Salon”

Emerson Salon is a small business hairdressers unit situated in Washington. They have utilized the social network to get astounding results. Let’s investigate how they did it.


Problem Statement:  Two Washington founded business people chose to purchase and remodel hairdressers in Washington. In the wake of purchasing the reason and burning through $40,000 on development, they were justifiably little on pennies. Not able to spend any on an advertising effort, they got online networking astute. They made a full system, from site to Facebook fan page.

he year-long journey

Why did they get success?

The reasons behind the success are the free social signal on their homepage, the open call to action, asked for feedback and reply to the feedback, clearly marked target audience, posted relevant content and follow a perfect strategy.