facebook_marketingFacebook still rates at the top among social media giants yielding millions of users. Here are the 8 sneaky Facebook content tricks and tips for your business that will let you know how to use Facebook content to get results.

1: Post Content


So, you want to use Facebook for business and you’ve created a Facebook page for your company. Great! Now, what’s next?

It may seem obvious, but people follow pages that are updated. You should aim to post content at least once a day. Oh, and make sure that the content you are posting is relevant to your business. Whatever you post make sure it’s relevant and informative to your audience. If you don’t get sufficient time to post every day, FaceBoardPro can be your chum and workmate. It’s an open source Facebook marketing software that helps in managing the complete Facebook marketing campaign. With FaceBoardPro, you can schedule your Facebook updates so that you don’t miss updating anytime even if you’re out of vacations.

 2: Engage With Customers


Posting every day will bring you followers, but engaging with potential customers is the key. If a fan has a question, comment or complaint, they’ll look to your page. Answer all questions, address relevant comments and all complaints that are posted. And remember to reply directly to that person in your response so that they know you have answered them. Building this relationship will create faithful Facebook fans and repeat customers.

3: Post Emotive Images


Post images that portray your business in relevant ways. Facebook is not just about posting business hours, you are building a profile that reflects how your services or products will make your customers feel. Update your cover photo and profile picture to create a powerful impact when a fan visits your page. Sometimes you can say it all without actually saying anything.

4: Tell a Story with a Video


If there is something related to your business that can’t be expressed through images and needs more than the suggested 250 character post, try making a video! There are several options for making professional looking videos (some services are even free up to a certain length of time). And if you can portray a powerful message, your video will be liked and shared and viewed by millions! Now that’s an easy boost to your business.

5: Don’t Forget the Holidays


Christmas, New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries – these holidays give us warm and fuzzy feelings when done right. Addressing the holidays with a greeting to your followers can increase your “likability” and shares among your fans.

6: Call to Action with Contests and Coupons

Not only do you want fans to like your page and share your content, but you also want them to engage with you. Run a contest or post coupons on your page. This type of content will bring fans to your page. And once they’ve “liked” you, keep them engaging with your page by given them a sneak peak at new products, a preview on upcoming sales or invites to your business events.

7: Be On Time


Being a business owner means your work day extends around the clock. Be online when it matters and post content to your Facebook page when your fans are online. This means that the optimal time for posting content may differ from one business to the next. Find the time that your message will be seen by the largest number of people. Use Facebook Insights to check the statistics of your page and posts to learn when your optimal time for posting is. For scheduling Facebook post, you can use FaceBoardPro.

 8: Interact with Fans


It’s not just your fans that can ask the questions, so can you! Posting thought-provoking questions can get people talking about your business. You can also ask what your fans and customers really want. People love giving their opinion!

These 8 tips can help you get connected with your audience easily!

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