You’ve probably heard about Bangalore Digital Media Growth Hack Mastermind Meetup 2016. This is the second social media education summit of Socioboard. If you’re a digital marketer who wants to sharpen his skills, learn about digital growth hacks which are usually undocumented on the internet but get shared across only in such closed meetups, then pack your bag and get ready to attend a world class workshop, amazing gastronomy, education party – all in one of the India’s most beautiful cities, Bangalore. Need reasons to make the trip to Bangalore and join the Socioboard’s closed Meetup? Read on!

In today’s ever-changing social media climate, it’s really hard to afford and keep up with the latest social trends and innovations. So, Socioboard puts together the ultimate growth hacker you won’t want to miss. A few months ago, Meetup was born out of a simple idea – to organize Digital Media Growth Hack Meetup with, Sumit Ghosh, to share his experience of how he nailed the social media market and acquired huge social leads for his business. And if you’re an SME/B2B startup/lifestyle business, you know you won’t get all the answers by sitting at your desk. You need to become a hardcore social marketer and learn from the industry’s success stories. To give you an idea of how to get first 1000 users/customers from digital media, we organize this meetup for you! Here are the few sophisticated reasons why you need to come to Bangalore on this 11th Sep 2016.


Reason (1) Insights from the best digital media growth hack

Want to know What actually all growing social businesses do in common? They’re using some iconic growth hacking strategies for their business, and you’ll be learning all of them – and much more. Meetup attendees will gain deep insights from the social media marketers they faced and the tactics they used to tame Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and other traffic sources both organically and paid. You’ll also gain deep insights on how to make fruitful digital advertising strategies and effective content across social media.

Reason (2) Three hours of best social media education Meetup

Dive deep into three hours of a hands-on workshop delivered by the best SMM who has great work experience with leading brands. Exchange ideas and gain a bucket full of knowledge. You’ll leave this social media education summit of Socioboard 2016 with actionable insights that will help you building a more successful SMM strategy and be better prepared for adjusting to an ever-changing social environment.


Reason (3) Network with growth hacks

In this Meetup with the digital media techie, we are creating a unique networking opportunity for all startup entrepreneurs who want to get first 1000 users/customers from digital media! Our meetup will be different from any meetup you’ve ever attended for your marketing growth. Participants will join our speaker and Socioboard’s expert marketer for an intimate and informal conversation in the Socioboard’s Bangalore office (3rd Floor TV Complex, 60ft Road, 6th Block Koramangala, Bangalore). On Sunday morning, we’ll meet in the city well known as silicon valley of India, arriving in time for a prodigious meetup and for discussions on the topics.

The Takeaway

Social Media Education Summit of Socioboard 2016 is the only meetup that delivers the latest insights into social media marketing trends, disclosed the latest innovations and social media marketing tools in the industry, and let you know how to bring them all together into an effective social marketing strategy for generating unique leads and traffic sources both organically and paid – all of it with Socioboard meetup.

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