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How to Use the TwtBoardPro to Automate Twitter Marketing Campaigns

  Twtboardpro is an open source product of Socioboard. It is a best solution to manage twitter accounts specially created with a purpose to control multiple twitter accounts. With the help of twtboardpro users carry on their regular activity on their personal system such as viewing profile, retweets, receiving and sending tweets and many more. Twitter users can use it to organize the tweets of their friends. By using this amazing app, one could handle several tweets received from the friends. Using this remarkable Desktop application, a user can simply handle tweets, favorite retweet and many more. Twtboardpro is...

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How to Access New Features of Twtboardpro for Advanced Management of Twitter Profiles?

  Twtboardpro is an open source tool to manage the account of twitter in a best possible way. It is a product of socioboard with different effective features to control access to lots of accounts with a single click saving you lot of time. It is a simple to use Desktop application to perform tweets, favorite, retweet and many more activities without logging on it. It is a potential application for online marketers who want to handle lots of accounts for their marketing purpose.It has many features to manage accounts, scrap and filter user accounts, make and scrap tweets,...

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How to Competently Manage Twitter Accounts with TwtBoardPro

The twtboardpro, amazing open source application which helps twitter fans in handling as many tweets from their friends.Basically, this apps provide the user to handle all the tweets, retweets, favourites and many more ivia one tool. It is loaded with lots of features that makes it easy for one to manage twitter accounts in the best way possible. It is a best option for people who do not want to engage with the website for a small account setting. It is also a best solution for people who are targeting twitter to market their products and services. Here are...

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How to Manage and Automate Tweets using TwtBoardPro

TwtBoardPro, is an effective twitter management solution from socio board. It is completely innovated to manage the twitter accounts helpful for marketing your brand. It helps users to carry on their regular activity of viewing profile, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, etc. which is deployed by the twitter users to arrange and access their friend’s tweets. Tweet Creator It is a simple section with options to upload both input and output files where all the necessary contents required to create tweets can be loaded. There is an option of keyword tweet extractor to get the tweets based upon specific...

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