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How to Deal with Social Media Crisis?

We all are getting the best from social media marketing for our respective businesses. But, have you ever thought of facing social media crisis for your business? Well, no one wants to think about the negative shades of social media. But if you are not careful and act smart, social media crisis can cost you your goodwill and reputation. With this post, we are helping you out with facing a social media crisis. 1. Is it Really a Social Media Crisis? Social media crisis and social media issue – both are bad for a business. But the way you...

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What are the New Features that You can Have on the Social Networks for Your Business?

Every now and then, social networks come up with new features that help the businesses. So far in the year, we have seen many new features of various social networks. In our previous posts, we have learnt about the features and using them for your marketing.   This time, we are here with some upcoming features that you are to have on social media in a few days. These features are in test mode now. Take a look at the features and make strategies to use them, now itself.   Instagram Live   Earlier this year, Facebook launched Live...

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Latest Updates on Facebook Slideshow Ads

Improved Slideshow Ads Slideshow ads are one of the popular ad formats on facebook. On slideshows, we use a photo collection to create a lightweight video. These ads are used around 200 countries in the world mostly in the areas where high-speed internet is unaffordable to see video ads. And around 50% of the marketers using slideshow ads haven’t used video ads ever before. These ads are more effective and engaging than the static images and these can be created with low budget and effort. So far, we couldn’t make creatives with music and text included. This was a...

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