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How can You Use Multiple-Image Posts on Instagram for a Fruitful Marketing?

As the primary business model is advertising on the platform, Facebook (the holding company of Instagram) has been focusing on features that give value to the marketers while providing more fun to the common users on Instagram. Very recently, It has introduced a major feature, Multiple-Image Posts. So now, users can share a maximum of 10 images at a time. With this new update, Instagram makes sure its platform becomes more expressive. At the same time, Instagram Marketers find it more useful for a fruitful marketing of their business on the platform. You too are an Instagram Marketer? Then,...

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7 Steps for a Successful Rebranding of Your Business on Social Media

Branding is the way how you showcase your business to the world and building a relationship with your customers. As the time evolves, the interests of your customers do change. To keep up with their ever-changing attitude (towards your business), you have to reinvent your business by rebranding it. Social media is one of the most prominent platforms of advertising in this digital era. In our previous articles, we have revealed many interesting facts telling why social media marketing is eminent and discussed many important strategies to succeed in the game. One must execute the rebranding of one’s business...

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News Alert: Business Insights and Full-Screen Ads are to be Introduced in Instagram Stories.

Instagram takes its Stories feature too prestigious & serious that it wants to give more fun to its users through the feature. On the other hand, it wants to give the best to its marketer-users from this ephemeral story feature. In fact, Instagram Stories has changed the way marketers promote their business on the photo-sharing app. This feature assures more engagement for your business. Two things make this point clear – 150 million users use the stories daily and 70% of the people are following businesses. Now, Instagram takes the privilege of taking businesses on Instagram a step ahead...

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5 Better Video Practices for a Greater Holiday Outreach

The holiday season is on. This is the right time for small businesses to strengthen the relationship with customers. Be on the radar of your audience by being a bit more active on social media. Try making some simple videos wishing your customers a good luck or wishing another prosperous year ahead with your business. Warm wishes keep you always in remember. So here are the best ways possible for making attractive video content to make a better holiday outreach. Know What Your Message is First things first, you must be clear of the message you want to send...

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5 Best Video Creation Tools You can Use in 2017

The trend in Content Marketing will be Video content in 2017. The most consumed thing on social media will be Video in 2017. 80% of the Internet traffic will be occupied by Video content in 2017. Video… it’s really eating the digital world. Then, how about creating your own video creatives quickly and attractively? Here today, I’m going to suggest you five simple and superb video creation tools to give life to your imagination. Is it so Necessary to Create Videos? Obviously, yes. The reason is very simple. Just think about yourself. Don’t you prefer videos to images or...

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