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10 Laws every entrepreneur should know before using social media for marketing

Using social media for marketing plays a vital role, many entrepreneurs have used the social media to get themselves noticed by many customers. This is also known as open source social media, which helps in interacting with various customers as well. But most important is by making sure that you abide by the rules and you don’t post any derogatory content on your page just to attract a lot of customers. It might be good but it can cost your business to collapse in a short span of time just like last year a mattress store in San Antonio...

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Social Media Automation- time saving job for a layman

In today’s generation we are so busy in social media, but now everything is going to change because now social media can be used for automation as well. Social media automation refers to the tools which can be used to automate the process of posting content on social networking and social bookmarking sites as well. The tools can be of either two types namely manual or semi-automated which are either commercial or paid versions of it. Here are the list of the automation tools which are helpful in regulating your business in social media and they are very much...

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