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13 Most Embarrassing Social Media Fails From 2015

Not Individual learns from the previous biggest social media mistakes. Brands and social media accounts of all types continue to post and tweet online some things that can only leave us with our hands on our heads. Did you remember that incident when you tweeted a wrong link to all of your followers and considered erasing your social media account and starting a new account somewhere far away with a new Twitter handle? Presently envision experiencing an online networking disaster on a bigger scale when you have the consideration of millions of individuals. Regardless of how small or big,...

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9 Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Everyone love FREE!!! Getting good free traffic to a Facebook page is amazing, but paying-off for Facebook ads in order to drive website traffic, increase page visibility, and conversions can be a much more realistic way of building traffic. But, it can be cost-effective too if things done smartly and savvy. Here are 9 easy steps for optimizing your Facebook ads! #1: Use the power of a happy image Images of happy, smiling people (especially women, girls or kids) has proved to get more click-through rates (CTR). Use this strategy to benefit your business! Facebook also suggest showing images of...

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How to Market Your New Products on Instagram Successfully

When it’s about highlighting any newly launched product, some of the social networking platforms are extremely visually challenging than Instagram, making it a perfect place to flaunt all your latest arrivals to your customers and target audience. Here are some of the helpful tips for assisting you in determining what you should post when to post, and how you can make it reach to more crowd of people. Image Design and Quality The first but most crucial thing is that the image of your product should be of high quality and moreover clear. But, it doesn’t mean that you...

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7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid With Instagram Marketing

Being a fairly new platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of businesses not sure why their posts aren’t getting them more followers and engagement that translates into sales. Since I run the Instagram account for my business, I’m active on Instagram every day to check out the latest news feeds of small businesses, handmade brands, and indie entrepreneur’s trying to increase their social media marketing businesses. As a fairly new social media marketing platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of online businesses not sure why their social media posts aren’t getting them more...

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How to Avoid Social Media Automation Mistakes?

With the advancement in technology every designed created to make our lives easier, our dependence on technological resources for day-to-day task grows. Advance technological designed helps us to do things with greater efficiency, and when it comes to social media marketing, it’s natural to find a way to automate your efforts. Are you owning any kind of small business, social media automation tools are time as well as life savers for you. Because when you juggling your available times to grow your both business online and offline. However, depending too much on social automation tools can put you in...

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