Author: Jit Adhikary

5 Ethereal Ways To Monetize Your Social Media Followings

Social media was set up keeping in mind of a medium that will help millions stay in touch even if they were miles apart. With years passing by it not only transformed the way people used to communicate, but also revolutionized online marketing and business practices as a whole. By accessing one can easily proclaim that several marketing giants have made their fortune by effectively monetizing social media followings. Поможем подобрать МФО для получения займа на карту под выгодные проценты, в день обращения, без справок и поручителей. Для оформления онлайн заявки потребуется только паспорт. Now social media is...

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How Facebook’s Addition of ‘Live video’ Option to Desktop will Benefit Visual Ads?

Have you been more active on Facebook ? Are you getting the latest news about the features, Facebook’s planning to launch for users? Social media giant Facebook’s customization of its smartphone app with the ‘Live video‘ took the whole world by storm. This amazing feature allowed people to go live and share their feelings with their Facebook audiences. From a marketing perspective, Facebook’s latest feature was acting as a medium to nurture visual Ads With social media reaching new heights with its overgrowing engagements. Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Its popularity reached...

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Pinterest Takeovers InstaPaper- How will it affect Pinterest for businesses?

Is your business getting benefited being on Pinterest? Do you want more viewers to go through your articles? How about Pinterest helping your content curation processes more than ever? Have you heard of Pinterest planning to acquire Instapaper? Yes, you heard me right. Pinterest being one of the hottest social media sites offering a proper search and discovery platform. Seemed to be planning to bring in something more, something new for its users. Like, how about a read it later button? Won’t that be amazing? Surely with Pinterest acquiring Instapaper there are certain new features coming our way. In...

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Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends Of 2016

With every year passing by we observe a noticeable shift in the field of social media marketing trends. Be it the rise of social media marketing campaigns or the rising importance of mobile marketing. In recent times, there are fewer things other than smartphones that have a deep impact upon customers. Business has been slowly and steadily adapting to this trend since 2015 with the introduction of mobile ads. Nowadays, marketers have become highly vigilant regarding this mobile marketing and have become more focused with their budgeting for mobile advertisements. Many even expected that things are going to be...

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Top 6 Content Marketing Trends Dominating Social Media

The basic utility of content marketing is to provide audiences with something they deserve. But with up rise of technology, over usage of social media, market paradigms tend to change now and then. This has lead to users having a change of their preferences. So, ‘what does your audience actually want?’ has become a tougher question to answer. And with social media’s procure usage marketing has become tougher than expected. As we see more companies entering the world of social media marketing, competing for a slice of that precious ROI pie. Experienced companies seem to push forward in finding...

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