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The Life of a Social Media Manager: A Short Guide to Wisely Spend Time on Social Media

Most social media marketers spent part—maybe all of their day on social networking sites, jumping from one network to another, monitoring analytics, doing the sundry tasks and planning ahead, checking emails and all other duties that a social media manager do. Wouldn’t it help to realize that you’re not the only person keeping up with such a busy schedule? That the time on social networking is shared by others as well? Even I was curious for myself whether my workload as a social media manager and work-flow were much like somebody else’s. Do we create comparable content? Do we...

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10 Smart Ways to Exploit the GIF on Twitter

The novelty is summed up in a few words: Today you can load the GIF on Twitter and show space dedicated to multimedia content. Or immediately after the text message. For some time you can show videos and images (an option that can give great satisfaction in terms of ReTweet ): today with the addition of GIF on Twitter closes a circle. And now you have one more weapon to communicate, to grow your followers, to better interact with your followers and increase your brand exposure more than ever. So, what you have to grab those perk, I just...

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A Detailed Instagram Marketing Guide: Tips & Secrets

Do you want to know how to promote your brand and engage customers to push up sales? Instagram is a great tool for merchants and businesses. Why? We want to show you 8 effective ways that will help you and your online businesses to achieve your marketing goals with Instagram. Because photos are the masters when it comes to marketing: Photos establish an emotional bond deeper than a simple text Photos are fun and engaging The photos make your company and your brand more recognizable Photos shared on Instagram are able to reach a wide audience, thanks to being...

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Why We Quit Focusing on Quick Social Media ROI: A New Approach of Screening Conversions

Why We Quit Focusing on Quick Social Media ROI: A New Approach of Screening Conversions Do you calculate the return on your investment in social media marketing? It looks irrelevant not to, however, that’s exactly the path we’re tinkering with at Socioboard. We’ve lately moved our attention toward e-mail list-building combined with ongoing traffic growth. These analytics are usually sufficient; it’s what we’ve ceased calculating instead of e-mail that’s most notable and unique. We no longer concentrate on social media ROI. It’s weird but true. We are a social media blog that doesn’t focus social media ROI in our...

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6 Twitter Tools to Help You Earn More Twitter Engagement

Isn’t it time to grab more information about your twitter marketing strategy? Would you like to know how all that’s going for you? You will find many Twitter tools out there that’ll show all of the crucial engagement info you’ve to understand, including stuffs like: Your follower history The analytics of individual tweets Who has retweeted your recent blog-post? Who’re your most involved followers? How far your recent tweets reached? If you’re prepared to look into some good analysis of your Twitter marketing, then take a look at these 6 amazing tools that’ll help you learn to get the...

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