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What Marketers Need to Know about Facebook Page Design Changes?

Are you ready to update your Facebook page with new design? Want to know what changing? Get started, here you will learn how to get ready for the new Facebook page layout. Facebook introduced a new design for its page. In the new design we notice most of the changes in the Facebook public view page followed by small changes in admin view and offers a better overview of the information and page. So let us go in detail. The Old Design vs. the New Design The width of the cover photo has increased from 851 pixels to 1012...

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Instagram Adds Two New Significant Video Features in App Update

Recently, Instagram introduced an app update fo0r both Android and iOS users and while the client announcement may seem negligible in the wake of the addition of the snapchat-esque stories, the latest update adds two attractive significant features to the camera. The upcoming update allows users to zoom while recording a video by simply swiping up and down. This feature is somewhat similar to what Snapchat, but now it’s new to Instagram 60 seconds video clips. This feature is now added to both Android and iOs versions. Apple users are provided with additional features while recording users can simply...

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Current Social Media Trends That Could Make Your Business in 2017

Using social media for marketing can allow small business who are looking to advance their reach to new customers. Maximum people are now much interested in interacting with brand through social media, therefore taking this as an advantage most of the marketers are promoting their brands on social media which is the key to tapping into costumers interest. Implementing the robust social media presence and marketing plan on social media platform can bring significant success to your business. What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is a kind of internet marketing that offers numerous social media networks that...

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How to use Snapchat to Improve Social Media Marketing?

Most of us are much aware of the fact that every social media campaign that goes on without an adequate number of followers, is considered to be having a lesser impact. However, in an attempt to climb up the engagement ladder; brands and business entrepreneurs have started taking their experimentation beyond Twitter and Facebook. And with major brands shifting their allegiance towards Instagram. Some are giving a thought to social networks that haven’t been explored to a great extent; like Snapchat. Back in when it started, its success trajectory didn’t look much impressive. But with time it has evolved...

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5 Essential Tips for Nailing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has successively become a leading way to increase outreach and offer superb client engagement. While business management through the online medium in this digital age seems intricate, adopting several social media marketing strategy aids your process. You can elevate your audience base in a dramatic manner, by leveraging the power of your content and proper social media marketing strategies. But getting started without any kind of insights may turn out to be challenging. So it is very necessary to understand the basics of social media marketing. Thus I am here to provide you some essential yet quick...

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