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A good businessman understands the importance of correct marketing to promote his business at every possible platform. In Digital Marketing we have multiple social media platforms which allow marketers to reach to a much larger audience in a much shorter time. However, with so many networks available, it becomes difficult to keep up with the competition and without regular postings the business becomes obsolete and disappears from the market.   Therefore, it is smart to use a Social Media Management tool that helps you by simplifying your content strategy and maintaining your social presence with regularly scheduled updates and...

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How to Use E-Mails to Promote Your Business

The rapid growth of social media made numerous bloggers join the race in order to build twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook likes to grow people in social media. All these work well, offer an ultimate way for bloggers to gain attention, distribute and amplify their content.  As twitter, Facebook and other social media networks keep on altering the rules, bloggers implemented a novel strategy that would provide more control to them. That is nothing but the art of utilizing E-Mails to Promote Your Business.   Social marketing may the current trend now, but still, Email marketing is the...

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Top Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Social media is always in huge flux, and the biggest shift right now in social media is video. Yes, it’s true because 2016 is considered as the year of video marketing. The advance in improved mobile technology has allowed a widespread video consumption which is constantly available at any time. Of course, video content is not new but it’s undoubtedly growing and will continue to expand its wings in 2017. The following are the video trends that can surely be predicted: The Rise of 360-Degree Videos 360-Degree video is similar to 360-Degree images. It offers viewers a chance to...

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3 Reasons to Go to Bangalore for Growth Hack Mastermind Meetup 2016

You’ve probably heard about Bangalore Digital Media Growth Hack Mastermind Meetup 2016. This is the second social media education summit of Socioboard. If you’re a digital marketer who wants to sharpen his skills, learn about digital growth hacks which are usually undocumented on the internet but get shared across only in such closed meetups, then pack your bag and get ready to attend a world class workshop, amazing gastronomy, education party – all in one of the India’s most beautiful cities, Bangalore. Need reasons to make the trip to Bangalore and join the Socioboard’s closed Meetup? Read on! In...

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WhatsApp will Reveal Your Phone Number With Facebook for Target Ads

Whatsapp is secure messaging app and according to the policy of WhatsApp it doesn’t share their user’s data with anyone but few day back WhatsApp change it policy. WhatsApp will give its garduine company Facebook individual data including users’ telephone numbers, as a feature of arrangements to permit company to send messages to users. WhatsApp’s billion or more clients will be informed about change to its security policy from 25 August. users will have 30 days to choose whether to quit their data being utilized for advertising focusing on Facebook, however, won’t have the power to quit their information...

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