Instagram Marketing

Do you want to know how to promote your brand and engage customers to push up sales?

Instagram is a great tool for merchants and businesses. Why?

We want to show you 8 effective ways that will help you and your online businesses to achieve your marketing goals with Instagram.

Because photos are the masters when it comes to marketing:

  • Photos establish an emotional bond deeper than a simple text

  • Photos are fun and engaging

  • The photos make your company and your brand more recognizable

  • Photos shared on Instagram are able to reach a wide audience, thanks to being used by more and more people.

Quick marketing tips on Instagram:

Getting the right questions

Determine what will engage your target audience by asking your instinct: What do consumers want? How can I get them involved with my photos? How can I get them to talk about my company? Develop a plan for managing photos modeled on the answers you give.

In short

Consider sharing only some photos on Instagram, where you can even leaking company secrets to add exclusivity. Make sure your photos are beautiful (anything below average could indeed tarnish your brand) and make sure you include shots of your employees and office. Letting people in your work every day, you can create long lasting bonds.


Increase the level of involvement posting photos of you and the events they see protagonists your customers, using geolocation and creating a little ‘entertainment (such as asking users to send photos, creative captions for your photos, or solve the quiz your photos).


Consider using hashtag unique as keywords to make your company and your logo easily found on the internet. Be sure to add all your post.

8 ways to increase sales using Instagram

1. Decide what you want to do
Merely post photos haphazardly does not help much. Instead, you must understand from the beginning what you want to do exactly, and focus only on that. Develop a plan, just covering a specific subject, it is interesting, alleging some routine, it can share in the days ahead.


2. Photographs of quality that jump to the eye
Even if you’re not a professional photographer; do not forget that the picture quality is an important element in a good brand. If you’re not good at taking pictures, ask someone to help you, or read a few tricks to improve your skills.


Just an observation: do not rely ONLY to Instagram. Instagram is a great tool in your strategy for social media with mobile devices, but not the only one.

Instagram is designed to work well with other sites, particularly those with highly visual content, such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook, as these sites also ensure the best results in terms of sharing and discussion of photos.

Instagram can be connected very easily to other social networks, so that all your friends you have on different social networks will be able to see the photos.

3. Involve your community

As in every campaign on social media, you should not restrict yourself to respond and comment on your photos, but also those posted by others, especially if you talk about your products or your brand. As we have seen before, the customer service via social media may prove very useful to address the problems of your customers.

Create contests, treasure hunts, and other types of promotions that encourage your community to show your brand in social networks.

Some companies use Instagram to inform consumers about how they work or on news, Engaging consumers is probably the best choice that a company may have available with Instagram.

If you really want to interact with customers and engage them, Instagram is one of the best ways to do it. This is the way to make sure your fans involved and continue to follow you. Ask him to post photographs of your products, and you will see results.

Check updates. It is important to monitor what users upload for you to protect your reputation. If they load inappropriate content, always respond in a calm manner, providing help and corrections.

Connect and share. It is essential to integrate Instagram with other social networks. Start with Facebook, then go to Twitter, and perhaps in Flickr and Foursquare. This allows you to take pictures and share them using the hashtag on other networks. Proper SEO will get plenty of hits.

Allow your community observer to cases of companies and people who achieve great results in terms of Instagram marketing often have some things in common. Remain active, post photos interesting, involving their base, and show users their world behind the scenes.

These are some outstanding examples:

BarackObama showing many photos of Obama not only during the campaign, but also with the faces of the volunteers who have spent to organize it.


4. Instagram Geolocation photos

Geolocation option of Instagram was already very good since before the update to version 3.0, since at the time of the upload gave users the ability to transfer information concerning the place at same time on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare. After 3.0 version, users can still use this feature, but the Instagram app now incorporates it with a map showing where the user profile is and the photo was taken.

instagram geolocation

Geolocation involves your community on multiple platforms at the same time. Using it can help you to effectively promote your own event or your participation in an event. In addition to this, restaurants, merchants, and all other commercial business may advertise their products and the places where they sell them using photos with geo Instagram.

For example, a restaurant can use lists on Foursquare for commercial reasons. This may encourage managers to post photos via Instagram that have links to Foursquare. Their friends are so you know the restaurant and the dishes served.

The photographer Monica Lo (lobese on Twitter and Instagram) has succeeded magnificently to include the presentation of the dishes his client with Foursquare places where they are located.

In another example, a company has created a treasure hunt and other promotions from the geolocation.

5. It attracts new customers

As people become your followers, they will show themselves more and more interested in your projects. Over time you’ll develop an ever growing list of potential customers. Do not think, however, that creating a new account on Instagram can all of a sudden exponentially increase your turnover, because that’s not how it works. Instagram is fun, engaging and easy to use. This later will allow you to know your brand and maybe even increase sales.

6. Establish a pattern of sending post

If you’ve a blog; you should accustom your readers to access frequently and regularly to your post. Readers may not like it if, for example, content posted every day for two weeks in a row, and then maybe post 3 times a week for the next two weeks. They expect the content from you, but don’t know exactly when it will be available but they know it will not be long. So keep in mind when drawing up a plan that is important to be regular with the post.

7. Create your hashtag and interact with those who use

Creating, using, promoting and monitoring your hashtag has important benefits.

Boaters can easily find photos related to you or your brand.

It is easier to understand who your fans are really, beyond the users who follow you and bring the “Like” on your photos.

It is more easy to interact with your community and allow the sharing of your brand when it encouraged the use of your hashtag.

Did you know that when a user puts a “Like” on a photo on Instagram update appears in the news on Facebook? And you know that if one of their friends click on the photo that has received the “Like” is redirected immediately to the photos on Instagram and can see all the comments and your hashtag? They can also share photos directly from there, to ensure a rapid spread.

The store ALDO has created a work by creating their own #hashtag

8. Find the perfect time

SimplyMeasured has made a detailed study on the participation with Instagram showing what the labels, filters, and moments that receive the highest number of comments to the photos. The conclusion is that the best time to post photos is during the hours 17: 00-18: 00.

best time for instagram posts

Why wait? Take advantage of this simple platform and share photos of your company in social networks with a single click. With Instagram, you can apply a series of filters to your photos in the same way Photoshop, making art, engaging and somehow getting yourself professional photographers.

So hurry up: you do some fantastic photos to your business and share it immediately with all your potential customers!

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