complete guide to instagram marketing

Having more than 300 million active users sharing over 70 million snaps and videos each and every day, Instagram is one of such social media platform that’s worth of getting the attention of any business owner. It’s very profitable for online as well as offline marketers, as Instagram recently announced that their services are now open for all the advertisers, as well as start exploring with the button ‘Shop Now’ build plugged right into the native Instagram app.

If you want to understand the phenomenon of any social media platform, the best way is to simply dig in and start using it regularly. Spending time in the online community related to your industry, you’ll obviously know about the themes and trends.

For building a great, engaged user base for your business or brand, you need to be savvy enough.


Now, it’s the flashback time. Imagine the scenario I faced few years back-

Few years ago, I was simply sitting lonely and idle with a gaming console in my hand. I was in vain and nothing came to my mind. I needed money on a very urgent basis for my science tuition. I got an idea, I thought that I can utilize and hone my skills, so I took my old sketchbook and started painting. I did well. It literally cost me nothing, as I had my oil and pastel colors. And frankly, I needed a platform to exhibit my talent. I thought that Instagram can do something for me and believe me guys, it really did. People liked my paintings and within a week, I simply earned $2000, isn’t that great!!!

The answer is: “Instagram”

That actually surprises many people, as Instagram is not like other marketing platform, rather it’s an exceptional marketing platform.

So, how do I go from ZERO account to $2,000 of Instagram sales and that too within a week?

Let’s face it, if you’re opening a business, your most important concerns are going to be growth for sure. It won’t matter at all how amazing your idea is if you get failed to achieve any traction. In today’s world, there are myriad strategies to expand your business, but it’s true that it’s often only some strategies that’ll actually fuel up your growth.

Remember that the strategies that worked well for one company may not work for yours, so it’s very crucial to test what works better for you.

Modus Operandi

So, being on an early-stage startup, all you need is the users. Lots of users. Like yesterday. Every entrepreneur wants to get thousands of new users using online marketing as quickly as possible for few to zero money. The secret is to make use of strategic marketing, iteration, and testing to look for a platform and a message that will bring users.

Undoubtedly, every startup makes a great effort for acquiring a significant mass of users. A difficult task is often made more difficult by impractical expectancies. Many marketers consider the internet as a faucet which can be simply turned onto easily pour billions and billions of users into your site. Unluckily, there is no silver bullet. However, there are several series of steps that can be employed for marketing your startup products or services online.

User acquisition is mainly a mindset with a series of some process. But, many marketers think it as a magical unicorn marketing ploy. For sure, startups need a well-progressed planning for fostering the profile of the brand in the correct ecosystems. The strategies usually differ according to the statuses of the audience or network that are being targeted, but the excogitation is usually very much similar.

Below is my excogitation from the first crack. In the end, you will know how to pick this process apart & reverse engineer it— doing it will not only help you in Instagram, but also in all other social network and with any type of products or services as well.

At the topmost level, 2 steps are involved in user acquisition:

  • Producing something that’s wanted by subset of population
  • Introducing it in front of those target people in the right way.

Think over how to go from niche painting interest with no audience to $2,000 in sales on week one.

Incubation & Excogitation

The process we use for breaking down the programming problems is the same process I use for approaching all user acquisition problems. The crucial and initial step is to stop and stall.

I approach every user acquisition problem the same way I break down programming problems. The first step is to stop and slow down. Don’t go making a mountain out of a molehill creating an Instagram account or posting. Rather, pick up a piece of paper and a pen and start breaking down the things into small-small pieces, until a sturdy roadmap is an upshot.

Making everything perfect at this initial stage is not that important because the main goal is to initiate at the widest point and split things down properly.

Don’t put a full stop at your excogitation. You need each & every idea and plan on paper to work out at later stages, and your mind is the transporter belt serving those things directly to the table. If the conveyor belt is stopped, then there’s not need of playing with at times you want it. Looking at the where actually the stream of conscious started, you’ll get to know about more things.

Always set off with the target market

Usually, people initiate their journey by identifying how they can reach their target audience. It’s advisable to first figure out the type of person you actually wanted to target, and where a group of them come together. Knowing this thing can help you to know how you can target them effectively or how you can get your message in front of them in the right way. Try to know about them and their likes/interest.

It’s better and much effective to have a real conversation with a 1,000 people than sending out mails to millions of random people. This will eventually save you lots of time.

Get in the mind of the target audience

Trying the A/B testing can help you to figure out where you were doing wrong or where you need more efforts, but your suppositions and frolicking around can make you go a long way. Interact with people who belongs to your target market.

Find where target audience congregate

Being a business owner, you would like as big of the group of your target audience as you could possibly get. It would be better to keep the target market/audience as specific as possible. It’s not possible to always perform it in traditional ways such as searching accounts they follow or looking for a big planned group of them. You can do it by finding a hashtag or keyword that inadvertently ends up fitting to a particular group.

You know how to get in touch with them

By following this process, you can figure out what actually your marketing should look like.

The interesting thing about following this process is that in doing to you accidentally figured out what your marketing should look like. In this instance, the words that poke out are “painter” “painting” and “artistry.” Now you can head into design mode along with a good understanding of how to properly build up such a world in which they would like to join in.

 Creation Mode

The ultimate goal would be in front of the target audience/market, but most importantly you have to look for the place to flaunt them. Recalling the discovery process, you’ll feel that we were setting off for words like— “painter” “painting” and “artistry.” Having some words for guidance will undoubtedly help to create the content.


Instagram is quite fiddly, as it doesn’t allow any links within the posts, which is probably a great thing – as it helps in keeping the post to be non-spammy. And if you want to direct people to any landing or a particular page, you can simply add the comment “link in bio” to the photos, and modify the link in your profile.

Contact Mode

It’s where the fun starts. We have thousands of people who may be interested in products or services that we are offering, we have the complete profile set up for driving traffic to our website/online store or whatever, now all that’s needed is to contact them. Probably, if they will see a mention of the profile they would visit, expectantly follow you and probably will check out the offered products or services. If everything is done perfectly, you can watch the traffic flow from your Instagram profile to your site, and sales converting as an upshot.

There are 4 ways to contact a specific person using Instagram:

  • Comment on his photo– This is usually annoying and spammy, but can be plucked out well if done smartly with a bit of time and lots of efforts. Don’t simply promote your products by commenting on his photo, this is the worst way to start interacting. Instead, comment something which can benefit him.
  • Tag him in a photo– This could be quite annoying to tag him in a photo if you don’t know him.
  • Like his photos– This could be possibly the best way as everyone likes if someone likes their photos.
  • Follow him– It is the easiest way to contact a folk. Surely they’ll check you out.

If you are following people, ensure that it’s precisely targeted to the right people. Looking at their feed can help you to determine whether you’re targeting the right people or not. If following relics the Instagram experience for you, you are then doing something off beam.

Many people make a blunder of considering the “number of followers” as the key metric to decide whether or not to follow someone. Remember you are looking for generating interest and build a strong, influential community around your photos.

Now let’s get down to bedrock.

Follow, Like, Like, Like

“Follow-like-like-like”, it’s a way that works very well for user acquisition. The process is quite simple— go through the most recent menu for the targeted hashtag and pick the top picture. Follow that Instagram account, go through their shared pics, and like the 3 most recent pics.

It’ll lay an impression on the user that someone, having the similar interest of theirs not only followed them but also dug a bit and liked what they discovered.

Following this process before launching your product, will help you increase your follow-back percentage to at least 25%, which means that for every 4 followed people, one will follow back. And most importantly, you can observe a significant amount of quality traffic visiting the pre-launch landing page.

Before launching the product live, follow this process for a week at least, and by the end of the week, you can surely see 10k followers. This will help you get likes on your photos, and people will tag their friends. Content plays a key part in this process, so make sure to have quality, relevant content, as it will make people attract to read about what company is actually offering. This process will not annoy people and will be non-spammy. You may think that liking other’s photos as exhausting, but, believe me, it’ll be worth when your business comes into action.

Being a marketer, there’s nothing much rewarding than allowing the makers support themselves by doing the things in which they are best.

In marketing, initially doing everything manually is the golden rule of thumb. Once things start doing well for you, it’s the right time to automate and explode. Today, there are lots of tools available in the market that can be used to save lots of time and efforts of sliding your fingers on Instagram screens around the clock.


For automating or scheduling the Instagram process, GramBoardPro is the best solution. GramBoardPro is a tool that’ll handle multiple Instagram accounts with ease under a single dashboard, but obviously at a price of some dollars that’s surely worth your sanity.

Ensure that you know well that your process is manually working properly before automating or scheduling the process.  This tool helps the marketers to simplify their efforts and amplify their revenues.

GramBoardPro has everything that’s needed to expand your follower base and to market anything, anytime with ease. You won’t find any other Instagram marketing tool incorporating the marketing powers of Instagram into one single tool like GramBoardPro.

GramBoardPro is an optimized and automated versions of Instagram that you can run 24 hours a day. It is extremely easy to setup and use. Some of the things that can be done using GramBoardPro are:

  • Account Management
  • Follower Management
  • Un-follower Management
  • Photos Management
  • Comment Management
  • Get Users Management
  • Get Image URLs
  • Hash Tags Management
  • Get Follower Management

Some of the key features of GramBoardPro are:

  • GramBoardPro makes the Instagram marketing campaign a cakewalk.
  • Powerful features to deliver the best results.
  • Auto like Pictures by Hashtags.
  • Auto Comment on Pics by Hashtags.
  • Auto follow Followers by Hashtags.
  • Allows to follow/unfollow users, like/share photos, comments, etc. (Custom list).
  • With a tap, download photos of friends & other followers.
  • And much more useful features.

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