Have your ever tried using Facebook Business Manager for your business?

Want to maintain your business accounts safe and secure?

If you say yes, then you must go through the article to learn how to manage your business pages and ad accounts safely and securely with the help of Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager — But Why?

The best motivation to utilize Business Manager is to keep you concentrated on your work. When you sign into Business Manager, you’re taken straightforwardly to your business resources on Facebook. From that point, you can get to your pages, Ads Manager, Power Editor and other business–related resources without seeing your own news food or notices.

The second reason for using this feature is to keep everything in an organized way and safe and secure as well. This is when you are using more than one Facebook business page or Ad account.

Talking about individuals, with Business Manager you don’t need to be companions with individuals you allocate parts to for your pages, Ad accounts, etcetera. You basically utilize Business Manager to allocate parts. They never need to see your own profile and you don’t need to see theirs.

For the freshers on Business Manager, here we are explaining the way how you can leverage the feature right from signing up.

#1 Go to ‘business.facebook.com’ and add your Facebook account


#2 Create Business assets like pages and Ads

The Facebook business pages and the Ad accounts are called the business assets on Facebook. If you have no such assets by the time of signing up to the Business Manager, you can create them from the Add New menu.


Here, you can directly go to the standard wizard of the asset you want to create.

#3 Merge your business assets

If you already have the assets, you can easily access them by clicking on the Claim Assets menu.


Note that you ought to just add resources you own to Business Manager. In this way, in the event that you guarantee a customer’s Facebook page, your customer may have the capacity to demand access to it; they would not have the capacity to claim it themselves. Rather, you have to demand access to a customer’s page, promotion account or other resource.

This is critical to note while guaranteeing ad accounts. While pages can be expelled from Business Manager, ad accounts can’t. In this manner, you would prefer not to assert a ad account that doesn’t fit in with you.

#4 Access others’ business assets

You can use the Request Access menu to access the business assets of your friends and them to your business manager.


You can use this feature if you are managing any client’s business assets. For this, you have to get the consent of the admin of the asset.
Sometimes, Facebook may limit the number of assets of others’ you access.

#5 Manage assets

As soon as you log in to the Business manager, you can see the analytics of each and every asset. You can access the assets from the Business Settings menu. Now, let us see how you can manage all the assets individually.


1. Pages

You can see all the pages added to your business manager. You can select a specific page by clicking on the page name. On clicking, you can see the particulars of the page.

If you want to edit the page, just click on the link of the page just below the name of the page. Here, you can post on your page.

You can like other pages as well. Just click on the Page Feeds menu and there click on the Like Other Pages.

2. Ad accounts

On the off chance that you just have one ad account in your Business Manager, click on the Ads Manager or Power Editor links in the menu to get to those particular zones for your ad account.

In the event that you have more than one ad account in Business Manager or need to appoint individuals or add partners to your ad account, go to the Business Settings menu and snap on Ad Accounts. At that point select the ad account you need to oversee. Here, you can all the particulars of your ad accounts.

Under the Ad Account Information menu, you can find the payment methods of your accounts.

similarly, you can add your apps from the My Apps page. You can manage the product catalogs of you in the Business manager as well. You can add partners for your business pages and ad accounts.

#6 Add Partners and Assign People

You can Add People by hovering over the Add New menu and clicking on the People. Enter the email id of the individual you might want to allow access to your business assets. Utilize the definition of roles to pick whether he or she ought to be included as a worker or an administrator. You can also some particular assets only for them.


To assign partener, just go to the Business Asset you want to assign to the people on your account. Get the Business Manager Id from them. You can define the roles of them in the following screens. You can also remove them if you want to.

#7 Other options

There are so many other options that you can utilize in the Facebook Business Manager feature. There are like Navigation menu, Payment methods, Shared logins, Requests, Preferences and Info.

These all are the supporting features of the Business manager. You can easily follow up with them.


Seems interesting and exciting, right? So, why late? Create your Business Manager account now and utilize Facebook to its best. To make the utmost utilization of Facebook, you can use the SocioBoard tool for automating your work. This can give more efficient results for your business.