“A Picture Is worth a Thousand Words” one of the famous quote which you may listen somewhere but how much it’ll be true when we imply it for online marketing. As the saying goes, what could be the best way to speak to individuals than a thousand words at a glance? Whether you’re an experienced marketing buzz or a newbie on this social media marketing platform, you may aware of the benefits of using Instagram for business. Do you have an Instagram account? If the answer is ‘YES’, you are on the track, but if the answer is ‘NO’, you need to take an instant step on it. All brands should be utilizing Instagram if they really want to vibrate their targeted audience and get more engagement from their followers.

Instagram is superbly simplistic and the most special of the mobile platform. It has great potential to connect a brand on a more intimate level, but if you’re thinking it’s just for millennial, you’re following the wrong concept of online marketing. This wonderful mobile friendly social media app has offered tons of benefits to all ages and brands in terms of marketing. It’s all depends on the motive of using Instagram. If your motive is to get more engagement from followers on Instagram, there’s plenty of ways you can do to increase your brand’s visibility to get more followers, share, comments, and likes. Among of all here we listed some vibrant ways to resonate more followers.

Use Your Creativity

Instagram is basically a visual storytelling smartphone app. You will find a wide variety of shades/filters you can include your photos to showcase them in a way that tells a story of your brands. Not just that, however, it enables you to inform that story over an extended period of time. Customers may browse through your account and get a feel for what your business is without actually clicking a particular image.

Clear Call-To-Action

Some people might consider it as the land of selfies, food pics and sunsets — and that’s completely fine. But it’s also a luxury home to some of the creative social media marketing minds. It is also a great platform to engage more audience while making deep relationships with customers. One way to engage more audience and build loyalty by offering special promotions. As with any marketing or advertising promotion, you should include a clear call-to-action. On Instagram, (CTAs) call-to-action, act either with the image itself or the caption.


Call-to-action is an approach from Brisk has the like made by the CTA. Brands ask their fans and followers to doubled tap any post if they like the flavor. Any doubled tap on the post will result in a like. This is one of the easiest ways to get more engagement is to ask Instagram followers to “tag your love one with the post” in the caption. They will surely like to tag others in the comments also.

Set a Location for Call-To-Action

If you’ve an Instagram account for business, you might be aware with the fact that Instagram allows marketers and promoters to share a clickable link in their post images, set the location is a fantastic way to work around to highlight a call-to-action. One can also add text under an image’s location if they want.

To do so, you need to follow few simple steps-

Step 1) Upload an image to Instagram
Step 2) Share the image.
Step 3) Tap the three dots at the end of the photo and select Edit options.
Step 4) Pop up the option of Add Location.
Step 5) Tap Add Location and Cancel location services.
Step 6) Tap the Find or create a search bar for Location.
Step 7) Type in your CTA. In the place of a CTA, you can also put your brand’s URL.

Build A Targeted Following with Hashtags

Hashtags would be the best way for entrepreneurs to focus on advertising and available for both individuals who are straight thinking about your items and support and who’re not however pursuing your consideration. It’ll also enable you to arrange and classify pictures and movie information, which assists along the way of a related content breakthrough. But an essential factor is you just need to be sure your Instagram hashtags should be relevant to the market you’re attempting to target.


Most of the business uses seven hashtags per pictures they publish. Reach is everything when you’re accumulating fans on Instagram. You have to provide your posts before the best market in the correct period. In the event that you obtain the idea of utilizing related hashtags inside your post, nothing may help around Instagram may. It may immediately raise your brand presence.

Build your brand through the Content


It can be a bit challenge to create unique and interesting content for your Instagram business pages, but your effort returns well worth to you. Not just do your images showcase your service or product, but captions also help in branding your marketing platform. Whatever the business you’re in, inventive caption may take your brand post from simply an appealing image to something which booms with followers enough for you to look and share your image using their own follower’s community. Free marketing and advertising. Growth.

S4S (Shout-Out for Shot-Out)

Sometimes you might notice, people commenting on your photos on Instagram with the acronym S4S, which frames for the shout-out for a shot out. When you promote your brands and services to someone else’s account to engage your own followers.

To get the ball rolling, search for sites having a comparable audience, in addition to businesses having a comparable or higher following than your site. This way it’s a mutually-beneficial situation. To discover these accounts, type keywords within the Instagram user search or perform a web-search for the niche plus “Instagram accounts.”

Use Caption Length Smartly

Primarily Instagram is considered as photo sharing app, some brands start utilizing it as a platform for sharing the content. Each Instagram post allows to write 2,000 characters for the caption, so why not stretch the limit and try something different? The use of caption with character is a unique approach which can generate more likes for your post. If your business has the ability to tell a fine and interesting story using written words, go for it. Try different short and long captions to see which type of content can resonate with your targeted audience, and select a winner.

Relate Your Content with Target Audience


Only using hashtags to distribute content more effectively will not worth for you, also use them to find like-minded customers who do the same thing. Many well-known brands love to post images those belongs to “behind the scenes”. It gives fans and followers a look at not only the finest products, but also the inspiring process. Followers love to stay up-to-date about the daily routines of their favorite. The information and images related to day-to-day normality of your work give fans and followers a more personal relation with you as well as your brand, which can solidify their support with the product and services you’re offering them.

Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Networks


When you’ve established a good presence on Instagram with the quality content, share your posts on other social media platforms. It’s an amazing way to get the newest audience to follow you on Instagram.
Promote your account on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Find creative together with your Instagram advertising. Along with sharing your Instagram account name or URL, provide customers a sample of the truly amazing information they’ll only find on Instagram.

Wrapping Words

A recent research revealed the news that 80% of online adults are hooked-up with Facebook, whereas only 37% of adults are like to use Instagram. However, that smaller group of fans and followers is far more prone to engage and even share your images and content than the huge percentage of people on Facebook would. Instagram provides an engagement rate of 4.21% per follower, which is the highest engagement rate of per follower in all social networks even higher than Facebook (approx. 58 times more than Facebook).

With more than 330 million monthly active users, it’s no surprise over 40% of Fortune 100 businesses are utilizing Instagram. If the business will use right Instagram marketing plan, they are able to generate the huge return to the brand. To seek huge success on Instagram, commit to creating and share images which might be fascinating and relevant. Engage with other like-minded accounts in order to propel one another to get success.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to engage targeted audience with Instagram? Then start your business and promoting your brands on Instagram today itself.

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