Everyone love FREE!!! Getting good free traffic to a Facebook page is amazing, but paying-off for Facebook ads in order to drive website traffic, increase page visibility, and conversions can be a much more realistic way of building traffic. But, it can be cost-effective too if things done smartly and savvy. Here are 9 easy steps for optimizing your Facebook ads!

#1: Use the power of a happy image

Images of happy, smiling people (especially women, girls or kids) has proved to get more click-through rates (CTR). Use this strategy to benefit your business! Facebook also suggest showing images of people using your products or services. Make sure the images are of high-quality and proper size, so don’t forget to use the optimal size for your images. Your ad image is going to display in everyone’s news feeds; so don’t forget to make them feel good about clicking on your ad.


#2: Use conversion tracking for optimization

Nothing is worse than investing in ads and then having no way to tell if they are working for you or not. This problem can be easily solved by using some efficient conversion tracking tool that allows you to know exactly which ads led to what conversions for your ads. It’s best to know exactly what’s working, and what’s not, and then tweak your strategy accordingly.


#3: Don’t focus your target audience too narrowly

It is amazing that Facebook ads allow you to target people whom your ads are being displayed to. However, be careful with focusing your target audience too narrowly. This could mean that only a small crowd of users will get access to your ad while the other will be unaware of your brand. Make Facebook ad targeting work for you by developing a target audience big enough to make your ads worthy.


#4: Drive conversions using Facebook offers

Facebook offers will offer you an easy way to do an action from your followers while making them stay on Facebook. Facebook offers can not only used to market your products but also they are extremely easy and convenient to use! Improve your conversions offering a direct sale, like 50% off on a product.


#5: Give a clear CTA or call to action

Any ad, whether on Facebook or your somewhere else, should have a clear CTA, “call to action”. This is your opportunity to advise people what they should to do next. Facebook offers some built-in Call to Action buttons, like “Contact Us”, “Book Now”, and “Sign Up”. These are some great examples to direct users to click on your Facebook ad.


#6: Use marketing tool for optimal times

It can be quite difficult to post your ads or share contents at optimal times for your fans and followers. You should know when the best days and times to post your ads are! For maximum clicks and conversions use some good Facebook marketing tool for automating and scheduling your Facebook posts and reach the largest numbers of the audience at the optimal time.


#7: Try out different ads

It’s an old saying that practice makes a man perfect. Don’t get demoralized if your first ad doesn’t convert the way you thought it would. And try out the different type of Facebook ad to see which one works best for you. Part of your Facebook ad that you may think of testing can be the different type of contents like funny, informative, or image, color selections or headlines. Be creative, descriptive and check out which ads works and converts best for your business.


#8: Properly show and tell your products benefits

Your Facebook ad should answer a user’s most pushing questions about your product – what problem will it solve? How will it benefit us? What results can be expected? Why your product and not another? Discussing a product’s benefits is important in any ad and the same applies for your Facebook ad. Highlight the key points and benefits of your products or services.


#9: Give your Facebook ads a change by rotating it!

There is a phenomenon known as “banner blindness”. It is when Internet users come to ignore banner ads for the simple reason that they are constantly being blasted with them. In order to bypass this phenomenon, rotate your Facebook ads to increase the chances that users will notice your ad! It’s a simple trick that could catch the eye of potential customers.


These are the simple 10 ways to optimize your Facebook ads. Do let me know how these steps worked for you, or do you have some other tips or tricks! Share your opinions in the below comment section.