Retweeting is one of the excellent ways to use the existing content to develop your following and expand your brand or business. On Twitter, a Retweet can be a respected way to share information or tidings with your network, create your following and pay respect to the person re-tweeted.

Why people retweet? Do you know what makes a tweet worth sharing? Is there any specific type of tweets which works better than the others?


According to a research, people love retweeting:

Tweets with Images

A recent study showed that tweets including images are 94 percent more probability to get retweeted! The Twittersphere simply loves tweets having images! However, remember that this thing is not applicable for tweets relating to Facebook or Instagram images.


Twitter has emerged into a social networking platform where the latest news put their feet first. Today, more number of people are using Twitter in order to remain aware of the latest and trending news and are enthusiastic to be ahead to break it to their followers. Several researches have shown well-timed, newsworthy, and relevant and also the tweets including the word “Breaking” are more likely to get retweeted.

Tweets Including Facts And Figures

Tweets with interesting facts, figures and statistics are more liked by people for retweeting. This needs to do basically with the way of Twitter as a social medium. Information as certainties on a certain issue is just data that is less demanding to process in 140 characters and eventually share to your followers.

Tweets Having Calls to Action (CTA)

According to a study, people are more likely to respond to the social calls to action (CTA). The study revealed that the tweets containing the phrase like “please retweet” are extremely likely to get retweeted the most.


Short Tweets

Tweeters never like retweeting the tweets which are too short as well as those who are too long. According to the Social Media research, tweets containing 100-115 characters are the tweets which are mostly retweeted.

Guides and Tips

People are more inclined to re-tweet the tweets which contain information and are relevant to them.  Tweets which are more informative are more likely to get shared/retweeted by people for sharing it with their followers. Tweets offering how to, tips in the form of lists, and guides are some of the most shareable contents of Twitter.

Funny Tweets

After newsworthy, unique, humorous contents are the other Twitter’s favorite. Jokey, funny, tweets are more retweeted and it’s one of the great & easiest ways for brands to spread their content by adding up a brighter tone in their tweeting.

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