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Wish to enhance your LinkedIn marketing?

Have you been thinking about getting the latest tools and tips for doing so?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for growing your online reach and enhancing your business results. We bring you some secretive tips from the master of Social media marketing to give a new life to your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

Here’s what you need to know.

1: Study Valuable Data Obtained from LinkedIn Publisher Stats


The recent LinkedIn Publisher Stats provide incredible insight into not just how each post is viewed by how many people, but also the span of life of each post, audience demographics and the people who engage with your posts.

To view your stats, visit the “Who’s Viewed Your Posts” tab that will be situated below Profile in the primary Navigation below “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”.


Now click on any post you’ll see a graph that exhibits a number of views you posts has gained in the last week, 2 weeks, a month, six months or a year.

This provides you amazing perspective to understand the shelf-life of every post. Examine these numbers and the elements of each post themselves, to show patterns that will let you know what subjects, format and duration your visitors are thinking about most.


LinkedIn also gives you the census of the visitors for every post. You can view the popular 4 companies, job titles, places & traffic sources which showed curiosity in your posts. Since it involves people with whom you’re not openly connected to and this makes it an excellent chance to find prospective clients or partners. This just scratches the top of what you can absorb and how you should use LinkedIn’s recent invaluable feature called “Who’s Viewed Your Posts”.

2: LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn is continuously limiting functionality in the free edition that business people and sales & marketing expert needs, with a restricted view of leads inside targeted businesses. It’s time for you to start investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator helps with Buyer ID and forecast research. Moreover, it will help you engage with decision makers better because it offers real perceptions into what your leads care about. It is important since reach without user engagement implies nothing.

You even get latest new & updates about the organization, to help you produce message around trigger happenings. For instance, for one of our customers, we took advantage of a chief airliner’s IT interruption. We involved in the sales communication with tech-savvy leaders who like to find out about a brand new strategy along with an increasing technology that will keep it from happening all over again.

Despite the fact that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth the expense, it’s still only one a bit of a problem. All of the lead recommendations and insights isn’t of much help if you don’t have the correct content, message and method to empower sales using LinkedIn. In addition, you require a strategy with which your tools gets compatible.

3: Network on the run


Rather than browsing Facebook during a downtime between visits, boost brand exposure via LinkedIn from your smartphone. Make use of LinkedIn itself or similar Apps.

If you invest just 10 minutes daily discussing excellent content with your contacts on LinkedIn, it’ll maintain your Brand on their radar. Plus, it’s easy to do on the run. Be planned about linking with new people or start discussions with new connections.

Also, it is recommended to download the LinkedIn Connected that allows one to easily stay in contact with people you know. This will make sure LinkedIn notify you about the latest happenings going on in their world.

This is a superb tool for sending someone a congratulatory message on a new promotion or to wish a happy birthday. You may also add an emoji, if you like. Foster new relationships with leads in an exceedingly low-key method. Just a couple minutes daily of LinkedIn marketing can offer excellent results.

4: Optimizing LinkedIn for SEO


Today LinkedIn has 364,000,000+ active members and this social media platform constantly ranks highest for B2B lead generation worth, landing a new job or recruiting new talents. However, many businesses still unaware of the SEO value that LinkedIn offers.

Optimize and treat your LinkedIn business page for SEO just like you’d any page in your site. Simply follow these four simple steps:

  1. Add your most important 3-4 target SEO keywords right at the very top of your LinkedIn company page description. Individual keywords with a unique character such as ‘*’ and try to maintain it to 90-100 characters.
  2. Put a double space and write an engaging and compelling sentence of 150-160 characters about your company that also contains your 2-4 most vital targeted SEO keywords.
  3. Now put a double space over again and give a long edition of details about your company. I would recommend you use nearly 5-7 variation of your primary SEO keywords.
  4. Google likes to pay a great deal of focus on the specialties portion of your company’s LinkedIn page. You’ve 256 characters & numerous fields open to add most of your primary and secondary target SEO keywords.

5: Promote Wisely


Before publishing anything on social networking, you have to think about: “Why am I carrying this out _______ (place innovative resource here), who will get benefits and what might I prefer them to do next?”

While updating posts on LinkedIn (for instance, for the purpose of B2B prospecting), study and interact with new users & groups before hitting out with suitable content.

Here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Research the best you can, join & then connect with linked groups in your niche.
  2. Join the discussion. Like comments and posts with helpful insights. Plus, notice what’s trending/common and jot it down.
  3. Reach your user base directly. Link with new people via InMail or profile email. Then, share helpful, related posts and insights, bearing in mind the concerns above. Produce content which you can post on your blogs, podcast, and video channel or in a LinkedIn post. Engage and drive your customer back once again to your preferred online resource.

6: Improve Authority with LinkedIn’s Posting Platform

The best advertising chance on LinkedIn at this time is the publishing system, where you can submit lengthy content to mostly share together with your network and elsewhere. I’ve often said that you don’t need to be officially topped as a LinkedIn influencer to turn into one. With this specific publishing platform, there’s a significant chance to develop momentum and create yourself like a thought-leader inside your business or market.


Don’t expect to observe significant results if you don’t make a dedication to publishing content regularly on LinkedIn’s system.

Here are three factors to join the LinkedIn Publishing Platform:

  1. Place yourself as a business expert. A large cause customers and clients do business with you is due to your special viewpoint. Discussing the manner in which you believe and giving insights and assistance via your LinkedIn posts may place you as the go-to-specialist in your business.
  2. Improve your reach. While you publish posts on LinkedIn, you’ll earn much more fans (that are not the same as contacts). Your fans can easily see your posted articles and share with their particular networks. Your LinkedIn posts may also get indexed by Google search and certainly will be found over the other social network beyond LinkedIn as well.
  3. Produce fresh prospects. In most LinkedIn post you submit, add an easy call-to-action both in the post and at the conclusion in your biography section. For instance, I provide a free guide in the biography portion of my LinkedIn posts that links to some landing page on my site.

These are just a few advantages to posting your thought-leadership content to the LinkedIn. If you haven’t initiated already, create your LinkedIn posting strategy and come up with the most frequently-asked queries inside your business or niche.

7: Monitor the LinkedIn Users You Visit

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Among the problems you can face with LinkedIn, is monitoring all the users you visit throughout a given day/week. Install the add-on named Dux-Soup on your Google Chrome web browser or one you’re using, now you’ve got a good way to automate the entire process.

Dux-Soup enables you to move a.CSV document of each and every LinkedIn account you’ve visited in any given time period. This.CSV document lets you view the name of the individual whose profile you had visited, Job title, their LinkedIn ID, Company name, email, Location, phone number and much more.

The main reason I really like Dux-Soup is the fact that after I invest an hour or so browsing the profiles of individuals in a target audience and sending them invites or messages to connect, now I can recall and monitor all of the activity with one easy move.

8: Manage Your Organization Site Like a Chef

The new Company Page Notification center of LinkedIn streamlines the manner in which you manage your company page while letting you better know which upgrades and content are trending the very best. Today all your company page activity can be seen in a single view in one place.

With Company Page Notification Center, you will:

  • Get a combined summary of how many shares, likes and comments you’ve received on the upgrades on your company’s LinkedIn page as well as observe how often your company has been described by LinkedIn members on LinkedIn
  • Watch every mention shared publicly about your company on LinkedIn
  • See all the latest shares, likes and comments your company has obtained in one single view.
  • Like and comment like a company consultant in response to mentions about your company’s LinkedIn page.

Additionally, Company page notification is now shown as numerous interactions combined right into a solitary notification for page admins. This feature makes it stress-free to manage a company’s presence on LinkedIn, while also watching personal notifications from their network.


There’s no better approach to step-up your company than to stay active & engaging on LinkedIn. The system is continually making enhancements, therefore people and companies could possibly gain more out of it. Plus, you will find techniques, irrespective of LinkedIn itself, to improve sales, engagement, and presence. Discover these tips and tools and find out which one give best results for you and your company.

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