Are you struggling for a long to boost your productivity on twitter?

Looking for the tools to improve your twitter activities?

Because every time you write a new post (within 140 character exploit your brand), you share it on the Twitter web, right? Well, how’s that working for your brand?

It’s unfortunate that it not, but most Twitter feeds look like a graveyard until you spread some fertilizer over the ground to get likes, comments, and shares. That’s because you’re confused how to use Twitter properly to boost your productivity?

Maintaining and managing your Twitter account activities doesn’t have to consume all your effort and time. There are Twitter marketing tools that can make the task easier, but do you know what they are and how to use one? Chances are you don’t. And that’s common…I didn’t either when I was enrolled in the realm of internet marketing. But once I dig deeper in the sea and learned how to use it, it changes how I marketed my brand on the social channels and especially with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

In this Blog post, you’ll discover five Twitter marketing tools to boost up your productivity.

#1: Schedule Content

Tweet box is a scheduling tool that allows you to load a “box” with content, deliver the feature to schedule that content when you want tweets to go out. The