The tiny blue hand showing a thumbs-up on the online has become the most wanted currency in the digital marketing. I think you got it by now. And yes, this is Facebook that revolves around Likes and Shares.

A single Facebook like will make your post reached hundreds of users. Likewise, imagine how many thousands and millions of people your post would reach if you could get a thousand likes. This is the way how marketers in the digital media think. And here we are presenting 7 simple tips to get unlimited likes for your post on Facebook.

#1 Goal —- For likes


You have to set a clear goal for your Facebook marketing. Define some number of likes you want to get on Facebook. This can give a measure of how much effort you need to put.

Calculate the number of likes you have for this month. Now, work to get the more likes for this month. This can give a realistic goal for next month. Like this, you can keep growing in your Facebook community.

#2 Facebook Page — Make it beautiful

Facebook page is the cornerstone of any online business. You know why? Most of the netizens are searching for brands on Facebook only. And many are making it a way to know new trends and models.

You Facebook page is the place where your users can know about your brand. So make it as beautiful as possible. For a new facebook user, the page is the attracting factor. If he does not like the page, he will never visit it again. So, make it nice, creative and easy to understand.

Yes, a user could be able to get the content on the page with just one look. You have to make it like that.

For this, you have to do:

Make a neat and attractive profile picture. Maximum, try to keep your business’ logo.

And then, fill the Bio section with a smart and simple description of your business.


#3 Visibility — How to increase?

Generally, you find the buttons like ‘like us on Facebook’, ‘share with friends’ on many of the websites in these days. Have you ever wondered what they are for?

Yes, they are to increase the visibility of the Facebook page of the website. When users click on the button, it will automatically redirect to the Facebook page. You have to do the same for your website or blog.


One more way is to cross-promote your Facebook page. You have to attach the link to your Facebook page on the other social networks like Twitter and Instagram. This can get more social users driven to your Facebook page.

#4 Content — Make useful

Content is the core of the Facebook page. When there is no interesting content in the page. no one will show interest to like the page. Then, having a Facebook page is really good-to-nothing, is it?

This is not as simple as you think. You cannot make an effective content unless you have a special skill set. For that, it is better to hire social media strategist who can make your page effective and efficient.

When making content, you have to remember the following things:

  1. give users what they are looking for.
  2. make content impressive that it compels the user to share.
  3. post regularly. But do not make spam.

#5 Response — Go quickly

You have to be active on the social media. For this, you have to make regular posts. At least, once a week. But remember, this does not mean to open your Facebook page for once a week. Because your followers want to know more about your brand. They use Facebook as a medium to reach you.

So, be responsive and give quick replies to the queries asked by your users. This will increase the engagement and build a strong relation with your audience.


If you use SocioBoard, you can get regular updates on your Facebook page. So, you can make this process simple.

#6 Facebook Ads — Reach more users

Facebook is unique from the other social networks by the Ads features. You can make sponsored ads for free and very low costs on Facebook.remove-facebook-ads-from-internet-explorer-10-your-microsoft-surface.w654

With normal posts, you can reach only your followers. The possibility to make new followers is very low. But, if you use the Ads feature, you can reach all the users whom you target even though they are not following you. This will increase the possibilities to reach new users.

#7 Analytics — Review your performance

Analytics are the statistics you get on your Facebook page. They show you the data like how many posts you have made, how many followers you have, how many likes you got and how many times your posts are shared.


With this data, you can know the performance of your page. You can make new strategies that can improve the statistics.


This is are the tips that can increase you chances to get more likes. You have to deal with the things carefully. Do not compromise in the quality of the content at any cost. Once you lost the credibility, you cannot regain it. So, take steps with care. It is always recommended to use the SocioBoard tools to make the tough tasks automatic and effortless.