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Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other social media site have cultivated huge craze around inflating social media follower numbers in the marketing landscape. Most of the brands have become focused on, even desired with, growing their brand’s footprint with social media giveaways.

So, are you also running giveaways using social media?

Have you deliberated partnering with an influential social media manager?

If not, you should. Because giveaways have become one of the most popular as well as an effective way for brands to improve engagement with their targeted audience, grow their social communities, and collect valuable social data for better RIO.

The main motive of businesses to using giveaways is growing their social pages is about quality though, not quantity even I have come through many businesses that are obsessed with reaching huge amount of shares and likes on social media channels as their goal, and they will apparently stop at nothing to achieved that goal.

Do you want to drive sales and grows brand awareness with giveaways? Then working with the right blogger for a giveaway is best for your products or services. Nowadays, everyone loves and looks for getting something in discount or for free. In fact, one of the main reasons that people “Shares” and “Like” a brand’s Facebook business page is so that they can either gain good discount or win something.

Good social media presence and right awareness of social media allow online businesses to easily generate their own social media contests and giveaways that can:

  • Create links to your site
  • Improve traffic
  • Generate social engagement

This then can manage to increased online presence of brand and the sharing of your social media contest on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. So giving away something to the visitor for free can turn visitor directly to the customer in free marketing.

In this blog post, you’ll find most relevant answers to the very frequent question of social media marketers- how to ally with influencers for a favorable social media giveaway.

Step #1: Reach Out To Potential Influencers

There are various ways to find right social media manager to partner with potential influencers. Here are a few of the most common approaches.


Do Research

One of the most probable way to discover the right social media blogger can do some couple of research on the matter. You can also utilize the features of popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to discover influencers in your area. For better results, you can make a search while using hashtag that are relevant to your brand.

As an instant, if you involve in a restaurant business and you want to attract food lovers who blog about their popular cuisine, search with the hashtags #cuisine and #blog.

Personal view: Also, you can check out what I call “influencer research tools.” I personally like to use websites such as SocioBoard that give you access to relevant influencers. Do a research for influencers on SocioBoard using keywords like “fitness,” “marketing,” “food” “fashion,” –whichever is most relevant to your niche market.


Do Survey

Another way to research influencers is to survey your targeted audience. You can create a form and request your fans or customers to endorse their favorite bloggers to you.

If you think that these type of survey took more time to conclude a relevant result and you want something more simpler, Gather fans or customers feedback via “question-style” posts on your company’s various sociable channels.

Use Software

Another surefire method to find a blogger is use software. Software will allows quickly build lists of quality bloggers based on content, topics, location and more. You can also make a search tag to find and prioritize your blogger based on which bloggers outstrips are active on popular social media channels.

Personal view: After a deep research I personally like the features of SocioBoard and it’s other social media tools. This site has separate tools for each social media site such as Twtboardpro for Twitter, Faceboardpro for Facebook, Gramboardpro for Instagram, Inboardpro for LinkedIn and many more. The site is very well-known to provide its social media marketing features for 9 social media management tools.

Step #2: Find Out The Right Giveaways Blogger to Promote Your Giveaways

Once you discover some quality bloggers, have a closer look to select those to follow and pitch. Here are some things to take a look at to find out if your blogger is just a match.


Publishing Systems and Regularity

Search how frequently possible writer companions article for their website and on the interpersonal systems. Regardless of whom you associate with on the giveaway, you wish to make certain they’re energetic on all their interpersonal stations.

Social Networking Pursuing Dimension

Evaluation how big the bloggers’ social networking existence on numerous systems. This study is great Intel for whenever you develop a technique for your joined giveaway.

Prior Companions and Vendors

First, check to determine if each blogger did with all of your rivals. Then look in the remaining businesses the writer did with, and see in case your manufacturer suits with them. It’s very important to create what feels as though an all natural relationship, because writers have to be in a position to discuss your manufacturer as well as their partnership along with you in an authentic, natural method.

Step #3: Email Campaign- The Best Way To Announce Giveaways To Your Email Subscriber

Contacting your present clients and customers provides you great opportunity to “seed” the giveaway with current followers. Furthermore, this provides your visitors a chance to interact and engage with your brand.


Pitch Your Social Media Giveaway Concept Wisely

When you discover and vet bloggers, toss your brand’s joined giveaway concept. This can be a crucial action. If you should be calling the blogger straight (not going right on through a company), here’s things to contain inside your first e-mail.

Include anything distinctive inside your message e-mail which makes you stick out, which means you are far more prone to obtain a response. Call out and connect to a article of theirs you actually preferred, let them know why you believe the blog rocks or recount a fast tale that somehow pertains to your blog.

Getting this task demonstrates for your writer that you’ve currently spent your own time into observing who they’re and what they’re about. Plus, it’ll not seem like a e-mail you’ve sent to countless different writers.


Additionally, tell the writer particularly why you’re begging your giveaway concept for them. Could it be simply because they possess a audience that will enjoy what you’re offering? Could it be since they’ve described your manufacturer before in another of their articles and got a great reaction from their visitors? Explain the worthiness of integrating together with your organization on the giveaway to paint a definite image of one’s concept.

The final factor is to include some kind of time line. This may be a romantic date through which you have to notice back or even the day of an essential occasion, such as for instance a solution start. This provides the writer perception into your brand’s objectives and just how rapidly you wish to transfer.

Include just as much related info while you consider essential to assist the writer choose if he/she really wants to companion in your company’s giveaway.

Step #4: Draft A Contract For Partnership

After you find a blogger who is a good fit for your company giveaway, create a contract for your partnership. Do this as soon as possible, since agreeing on the language and details of a contract is often the longest part of the process.

One clarification before we move on. It’s often the party who pitches the partnership or sponsorship opportunity that creates the contract. (Most people might assume it’s the brand, but that’s not always the case.) Established bloggers are brands in their own right and so most of them know the drill when it comes to creating and signing contracts.

If your company is drafting the contract for your giveaway, there are three main components to include.

Step #5: Email The giveaway Aspirant To Encourage Them To Visit Again

Almost through the competition, send a contact to any or all of the newcomers to cause them to become go back to your website for more records.

You might decide to put in a fresh “Mega Entry” to motivate individuals to engage, or just by delivering them a you might produce more hype.

By delivering out a contact, you might get a few of the current newcomers to Twitter concerning the Giveaway, or article on the Facebook site, or Pin your competition, they’ll consequently produce more contact with your Giveaway.

Step #6 Promote Giveaway On Regular Basis

Did you know that many sites host “Linkies” to promote their social media Giveaways? You can also try to use it. Now your mind may arise few questions like- why? How? And many more….. frankly speaking I also faced these type of situation before dealing with giveaways but social media management such as SocioBoard help me a lot to optimized my competitors activity and draft right strategy for creating a successful social media giveaways for my brand.

Here is a list of Giveaways that Socioboard offered based on the day of the week:


Additionally, you may select to advertise your social media Giveaway on 9 social media platforms with SocioBoard. Here are a few options:

Promoted Giveaway Posts on Facebook with the help of our FaceBoardPro SMM tool

Use SocioBoard’s Paid Discovery to utilize more features

SocioBoard’s advertising platform for 9 social media channels such as- TwtBoardPro, InBoardPro, and GramBoardPro.

Promoted Posts on social media platform

Step #7 Announce Winner And Mail Out The Prize!

If you’ve extended marketing your giveaway and distributing to Linkies, you ought to have many hundred records from the end-of-the 15-30-time interval. Based on just how many entries you provided may decide the sum total quantity of records.

There’s numerous method to choose the champion. When you choose and confirm the champion, some manufacturers may show the winner instantly through the gadget.

Inform the champion instantly and have them for authorization to make use of their image within an e-mail saying the lucky winner of the competition.


It’s very important to clearly state your business brand’s goals for partnering with the experienced blogger on the giveaway. This is one of the influencing ways to assist the blogger to understand his or her role in your alliance.

Key Dates And Deliverables

The deliverables portion of your agreement will function as the greatest. For joined giveaways, you’ll wish to can consist of:

The submit day and objectives of your blog article saying your company-branded giveaway. Does your blog article need certainly to utilize specific branded pictures? Can there be particular manufacturer info you would like the writer to generally share? Be sure you cover-all of the facts of the giveaway statement, including the rules occur location from the FTC.

The amount of social networking article marketing the giveaway you anticipate in the writer. Make sure to include particular terminology, innovative and perhaps actually hashtags utilized in social networking articles.

Brand use details. Both manufacturers and bloggers must be particular about wherever and just how their trademarks look throughout a partnership’s agreement time.

Article-giveaway objectives. Following the giveaway has ended, it’s reasonable to anticipate an in-depth statement that’s filled with social networking figures, remarks in the article, number of giveaway records collected–everything. Experienced skilled writers must accept provide these measurements with a particular day following a giveaway.

Compensation And Payment Schedules

The amount of money a brand can expect to pay a blogger for a co-branded exertion, if anything, will hugely, depending on the brand blogger’s reach and the amount of exertion the blogger is needed to invest. Some brand bloggers may change an hourly, others may charge a valuable rate and some may work on trade.

After Math

Once you find, right pitch and negotiate with brand bloggers, the next success step is to create and imply your social media contest of giveaways.

You are able to produce social engagement and hype with people view and follow your brand in your social media channels. Furthermore, you are able to produce links to your website by compensated campaigns in addition to utilizing “Link to Site” as you of the Super Records.

Attaining this publicity provides you with a chance to discover new brand ambassadors, Clients, and also to raise your natural traffic in the search-engines. To get a little cost, you are able to acquire an incredible quantity of quality links and fans!

Of all the ways, both small as well as big business brands, and bloggers can work together, a coordinate giveaway which is one of the most lucrative efforts in social media, nowadays.

A conclusion we can take out the key view that shows giveaways are the best opportunity for brands to collect valuable information such as email addresses that a brand can use for future social media marketing efforts. Plus, they’re a successful way to encourage brand influencers to engage and share brand’s message on behalf of your brand via social media.

So, what’re you thinking? Have you ever tried to partnered with a social media blogger on a giveaway? Or Are you still in a confusion of How it’ll work out for your brand? How to develop your marketing brand and social media campaigns for giveaways? I personally like to use SocioBoard- World’s First Open Source Social Media Management, Analytic and Reporting platform supporting 9 social media networks. If currently you’re using other social media tools for creating a successful social media giveaways please share your queries, thoughts, and recommendations with me in the comments.

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