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No matter if your brand is completely novice to Instagram marketing, or you are an experienced professional, there are some of the hacks that can greatly assist you in using data for optimizing your content and benefit of the high engagement which most of the brands are often enjoying on the platform.

So, what can you do for becoming an Instagram all-star? Here’s a list of best practices that can help you with your Instagram marketing-

1 – Determine Your Goals

It’s a good move to start by keeping in mind about the end. Knowing about your brand identity and everything that you’re expecting to achieve is the first crucial step for outlining your Instagram content.

For understanding the real value of what all you are doing, you should define what value appears like to you and ensure that you are on the similar page as that of leadership and your colleagues.

Establish baselines for present hashtag use or engagement rates and use them to develop the goals for your marketing efforts on Instagram platform.

2 – Optimize, Optimize, And Optimize


Currently, gone are the days of publishing exactly the same content across all of your social networking accounts. If you’re thinking hard about the information you are publishing on every channel, make an effort to contemplate Instagram-specific metrics and optimize on the way.

Another best thing about having access to complete data is the capability to analyze things out and notice what modifications have been done. Does your target audience is responding better to pictures or small videos? Does it make any difference if you use any filter? Try tagging your posts using locations and then making a detailed comparison of your engagement.

In brief, know what’s working best for you and what can be done for its betterment.

3 – Competitive Benchmarking

competitve benchmarking

Being on your way up, you must keep your circumferential vision very sharp. There can be no better way for setting your goals and identifying tried and real methods than analyzing your competitors. Which type of content is working best for them? How rapidly are they being shared? In case your brand is not having a 1-to-1 competitive match, go for the complementary brands who are sharing your audience.

4 – Have Your Earned Media


The hashtag is the king on Instagram, and everyone knows it well. Hashtags help in making your contents easily discoverable, and this is what that helps in driving your audience base growth and assist in gaining traction on the social media. Thoroughly have research for your hashtags and know about the other tags that are being used apart from the obvious choice. Unify them, try out them and see what is working best for you.

5 – Locate Your Influencers


Nowadays, influencers are among one of the most common topics customers talks or want to know about. Influencers assists in amplifying your content and posts, and attach an expression to the brand, so it really matters that finding and taking assistance from the influencers is one of the best things that should be added into the Instagram strategy.

Remember, it’s not important who your influencer is, neither they don’t need to be some famous celebrity. Simply initiate by going through who are engaging with your brand currently, and look if you already have someone can be influential.

Even, you can try looking for a hashtag associated with your initiative or brand, and looking who all are the influential player are in that particular conversation.

6 – Try Out Video Content


You can attempt using video content for your Instagram marketing strategy. Think it as a  nudge in the engagement-fetching direction. Many social marketers are hesitating in dipping their toes in the pool of video, but keep in mind that the  video content usually doesn’t have to embark many resources. For example, you can easily cut down the lengthier videos which you’ve created previously and turn the complete video in a short 15-second episode on the Instagram. Though, it is not necessary that your video content should have to be of professional quality, however, it can be great if it is of that pro quality. There are many brands who prefer sharing and posting videos of off-the-cuff, behind-the-scenes footage that helps in delivering the fresh perspective on your brand to the followers.

 7 – Get Inspirational

Unfailingly, inspirational and motivational quotes on Instagram make headway for Likes and comments with a heap of gratitude and love. For sure, it’s an easy win for brands and companies. Simply throw up at least one to two inspirational quote every week for boosting the Instagram engagement remarkably.

Try out these 7 above-mentioned Instagram hacks to make the most from this visual content sharing platform and see your Instagram marketing campaign skyrocketing in no time.

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