It has been repeatedly told, every brand and company needs a good and active social media presence in order to get success. In the past decade, social media has grown tremendously because of the fact that it’s free and the most easiest way to spread your words to people leaving in different corners of the world. Social media have turned out to be the most popular activity across the world, and everyone uses it irrespective of the age. And, that’s the main reason why businesses are turning to social media. A research has shown that more than 90% of businesses are using social media in one or the other way. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and few others, businesses can easily build new relationships and strengthen the relationship with existing customers, and thus increasing their sales and boost their brand’s identity.

But, just having social media accounts won’t let you to the path of success. Tweeting some tweets and very rarely posting or sharing on the Facebook page of your brand or company will not help it stand out of the crowd or make your company more bankable.

Here are a few basic perils to avoid and let your company/brand reap more ROI and make more opportunities.

Peril 1: Not Having a Proper Strategy


It has been generally seen that only 1 in 8 companies has a well-organized social media strategy. Users are consistently over-flooded with unsystematic promotions, information, and messages. For sure, businesses may high amazing informative contents to share and benefit their customers and target audience, but without a proper strategy, posts may simply get lost in the clutter. For cutting through the bedlam, the businesses must have some measurable goals along with a planned content calendar, a clear social media strategy, and a defined company voice.

Peril 2: Not Linking Up Digital Marketing Efforts


Many businesses usually make the blunder of not linking up their social media accounts to each other, and also from other digital marketing efforts. People don’t like investing much of their time in searching, and doing this will make their site difficult to find. Social media accounts much be linked up together and also to the company’s official site for maximizing the reach.

Peril 3: Not Putting Thought Into the Bio


Usually, the foremost thing people notice in the Facebook, Twitter or any other social-media accounts is the description of the company or brand. It’s crucial to add a descriptive and creative bio along with the company official website URL so that people can know well what your company actually does. Letting them know everything about your company beforehand will make them like or follow your page. A company has some short lines to put a first impression and make the visitor take an action.

Letting your customers and target audience know a little bit about your product, and giving a direct link to your website, certainly gives them a good reason to like or follow your page.

Peril 4: Lack of Images

People don’t like only reading and reading. Any piece of content without good images will not encourage people to read it and will leave it unnoticed. A research concluded that tweets having images gets 200% higher engagement than tweets with no image. And on Facebook, including images on posts get higher comments, likes, share and 50 % higher impressions than posts with no images.

Not only should a company use pictures, they must use images which are bright, colorful and descriptive. If your company is showing about any type of products, it needs to be shown in action. For instance, if you are an online fashion store owner, while showing your products like dresses, accessories, etc. show it by using someone rather than displaying it in a hanger. Through images, you should show how your products will benefit your customers.

Your images should also give some message if possible, as it’ll help you to entice more people’s attention and make them engaged.

Peril 5: Not Using a Uniform Voice


Brands, or companies should have a uniform voice reflecting their brand. It must be constant for each advertising channel, caring, and human as well. Is the business cool and fashionable, fun and family-friendly, upscale and smart, or affordable and basic? No matter what the voice is, the image and voice of the company must be the tone of their brand in every marketing channel.

Peril 6: No interaction with Fans or Followers


As per a study, around 85 % of people feel the way any brand deal with problems on its website or its social networking channels, which is a helpful indicator of its support quality, however, data from another study concluded that from 1,298 consumers, merely 29% of them had made a complaint to a company, and received response back via Twitter. Many of the companies and businesses are slipping out here forgetting that social media has turned out to be the most popular channel reaching out large crowds of people. So, it’s important that whenever a customer gives good or bad review or comment, respond him back with the best response to maintain your brand image.

Having a good review about the customer service of a company or brand across social networking platforms is important for having a good reputation. For sure, satisfaction rates will turn out to be low if anything related to customers is ignored.

Peril 7: Thinking All Social Network Platforms Alike


Many people think that all the social media platforms are same. But, it’s not! Every social media platform has its own kind of audience, language and customs, and it’s very crucial to know the way people interact in such social network. Blasting out the same message over all the social media platforms by a company, will consider it as a fake and spam-like. Companies should try their best to identify the “ins and outs” of every social media platform for tailoring their strategy according to each platform and thus build a more personal connection with the customers.


Having a strong and effective social media practice is crucial for a company’s or a brand’s success. Ignoring these 7 deadly social media perils will make you take more time and effort for reaching out to your potential customers, communicating with the audience, and benefit your business.

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