Isn’t it time to grab more information about your twitter marketing strategy? Would you like to know how all that’s going for you? You will find many Twitter tools out there that’ll show all of the crucial engagement info you’ve to understand, including stuffs like:

  • Your follower history
  • The analytics of individual tweets
  • Who has retweeted your recent blog-post?
  • Who’re your most involved followers?
  • How far your recent tweets reached?

If you’re prepared to look into some good analysis of your Twitter marketing, then take a look at these 6 amazing tools that’ll help you learn to get the most out of twitter.

Topsy: powerful Twitter Analytics for the website

Most of the social media marketers are curious about how their blog or website performs on twitter. If you too belongs to this crowd, then you must check out Topsy’s Analytics. By inserting in site:, you’ll get the following graph concerning the previous 30 days’ value of Twitter activity of your website.


Whenever you hover over each dot, you can check out the top story from your own site which will be recent post or additional bit of content that you’re marketing. If you click on that URL, you can observe more in depth info. Halfway down the webpage, you can see all of the tweets about this specific link on your site. You can check out the show influential box to see the top twitter users who tweeted it.


Hanging over each Twitter user’s name provides you with additional information about all of them, as demonstrated above. Viewing influential customers who retweet your posts can provide you a great concept of who you must be following on Twitter as-well.

You can also see the type of data for any website you’re browsing. Get the Topsy bookmarklet by pulling this link “Topsy Trackbacks” into your browser’s bookmark toolbar. Then click it if you are watching a website you’d prefer to see tweet specifics for.

TweetReach: find out how far your tweets can reach

Interested to know how far your latest tweets reached and gain the interest of users? If that’s the case, TweetReach can be helpful tool for your twitter marketing initiative. Simply enter your Twitter username & click to see the following data.


Another excellent use of the free edition of TweetReach is to operate reports on additional Twitter users within your niche. This can show you the exact breakdown of the kinds of tweets they deliver, the amount of thoughts their tweets get, and who are the top people retweeting them.

TwitterCounter: Actionable twitter statistics at your fingertips

Are you curious to know how many followers you’re gaining for your twitter profile? Take a look at TwitterCounter for that concern. Without actually signing directly into their service, you can see the chart for the quantity of followers, the amount you’re following, and also the quantity of tweets you send in a week to 3-months watch.


Viewing a sizable change within the chart might help you decide if your specific activity you’ve done lately has impacted your following or clue you directly into something important that may have occurred on a specific day. You can see basic stats about our followers, following, and tweets in a look below the chart. You can check how many followers you might have in a month, or just how long it’ll take you to increase your present following with this prediction sliders.


Twitter users who make use of automated tools to follow everyone who follows them back may often be noticed from the close-ratio between the numbers of users they follow vs. the amount of users following them. Make use of the TwitterCounter search tool to locate Twitter users having a specific keyword within their bio. You may also see the leading Twitter users by location whenever you visit the top 100 twitter user pages and then use drop-down to filter the checklist.

Twitter Grader: Grade Your Twitter Marketing

HubSpot has many grader tools, among that will be TwitterGrader. This tool will tell you few basic statistics about your twitter account, grading in contrast to other Twitter users on the basis of the number of people following you, & an account overview that exhibits your profile details, including when you started tweeting.


Buffer App: Evaluate Tweets You Send

If you’re interested in the efficiency of tweets you sent from your own Twitter account, then send your tweets via Buffer App. Buffer not just lets you to easily plan your tweets, but also contains some great stats on all of your tweets including quantity of clicks, possible retweets, retweets, along with amount of times a tweet has been favorited.


In addition you can see who favorited and retweeted your tweet with an option to thank them, follow them, or reply to them. It’s an effective way to generate twitter engagement with people who’re currently into what you’re sharing.

TwtBoardPro: Unleash the Power of Twitter Marketing

TwtBoardPro is the world’s first open source twitter management tool, which is solely created for social media marketers to manage multiple twitter profiles from one single dashboard. This tool let it users to automate all your twitter activities like viewing profiles, sending/receiving tweets, retweets. Using this user-friendly desktop app, you can easily manage tweets, retweets, manage multiple accounts and many more.


TwtBoardPro enables you to target with accuracy, link straight together with your market, distribute your concept during the day, handle strategies and do a lot more to ensure you accomplish your marketing goals. Users having their twitter brand page should make use of this tool to better understand and get optimum publicity for their brands.

These are few sample of the many helpful Twitter marketing tools available. Now it’s your call – what twitter tools from these six do you use to gauge your Twitter stats?

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