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Did you know that 8 out of 10 small and medium businesses use social media to grow their business? 3 out of 5, then, gained new customers through the use of social media.

Digital marketing strategies are effective – whichever form it is, may it be organic search, paid ads, or social media. However, what draws the line between successful campaigns and failed ones is whether or not it is done properly.

Trial and error is a normal process but with tough competitors quickly making their way to the top, you can’t afford to make a mistake these days. Once you lost the opportunity to build your brand online, you’re already falling behind the competition. This will cost you more in rebuilding what has been damaged.

This is why it is important for you to be informed. Many have committed the mistakes and you don’t have to follow their lead. Here are the social media marketing failures that you need to avoid.

1. Brands posting randomly and inconsistently


Brand pages are meant to reach the audience and deliver the brand’s message. However, there are cases when the social media team puts random, incoherent posts on the page. This creates confusion to the audience on what the brand is all about. Also, the timing of each post is as important as what kind of posts you put into your social media channels. If you don’t post consistently, your followers will think you don’t exist anymore. The solution to this problem is to plan the posts and schedule them ahead of time.

2. Brands focusing on the selling part


Some brands fail to remember that their social media pages are created, not for the sole purpose of selling, but to establish relationship with their market. Sales-related posts are major turn-offs for potential customers. Remember that taking the time to promote your business through providing value content to your audience will be the one to increase your sales so lie low on hard selling in social media.

3. Brands treating all social media platforms the same


In the first place, these social media platforms will not be famous if they are all the same. So, if your social media marketing strategy for Facebook applies the same for Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, then failure is on the way. Basically, each of them has its own function and set of audience. It depends on your business on how you should approach it to your advantage.

Some may think that having one strategy for all can reduce the costs, but it can only cause damage to the brand since having the same content spread everywhere can look spammy.

4. Brands focusing too much on the number of followers


Did you know that Facebook plans to clean the page likes of business pages? This is through removing certain pages from the follower count. Quality is more important than quantity. Your huge amount followers might not even try to interact with your page at least once. Large quantity doesn’t make sense if they don’t convert to customers. What you need to do about this is to cultivate a number of followers who see your business as valuable and can be qualified as leads.

5. Brands using social media inappropriately


There are social media users who tend to check on their accounts every hour for the whole day. These active ones are most likely to interact with your page. When they see that you don’t know how to properly use the hashtags, tagging and replies in your pages, they might not follow you. It will be annoying for them to see these things misused.

6. Brands who don’t have originality


Sharing content from the others is okay. Do this too often and you’ll be risking your authenticity and value to your audience. What might happen here is they will just follow the pages where you get the content. Otherwise, what would be the reason they follow you if they can’t see unique and shareable content from your business.

Make your brand or company’s personality shine through by addressing people’s queries, concerns and engaging your brand actively in different forums or communities. Modify your brand and in doing so, you can ultimately make your audience and prospects feel more connected to you.

Want To Ignore Social Media Mistakes?