Successful LinkedIn Marketing is possible – with these few simple tips. Even if you are just starting your way of building your business and career connections or already experienced but slightly disappointed – here are some simple guidelines to achieve the best possible results for your LinkedIn Marketing.

Tip 1: Patience and Perseverance


When it comes to managing a business, competition is tough. But, it’s even tougher if the competition is you yourself. There are some people who started out so strong, establishing connections, doing a bang-up job of networking and advertisement, and then suddenly, they’re gone. They invested themselves too fast and too strong that the burning desire fizzled out like a candle under a raging typhoon.

It is important to pace yourself, do not force yourself lest you want to burn yourself out. Just be patient, do not let the slow progress keep you down. Just keep doing your best and soon you’ll get the results of your hard work.

Tip 2: Build A Bridge First and Then We’ll Talk


One thing to avoid in a LinkedIn situation is getting the ‘I don’t know’ and ‘Spam’ report. It’s imperative that one should learn to build a relationship first before jumping ship and proceed to selling your products and services all willy-nilly.

Some find it annoying, you know like those random phone calls you get from people trying to sell you stuff. Yeah, those phone calls. Now, imagine yourself doing that only in the form of social networking.

Tip 3: The World Is Your Oyster


One of the main purposes of making a LinkedIn account is to establish connections. By connections, I mean, establishing good business relationships with other people across the globe.

Do not limit yourself by merely connecting to people you already know. It’s given that you trust these people and are more comfortable in doing business with them instead of the random strangers you meet on a social networking site. But that doesn’t mean you should turn into a hermit business-wise.

Remember, you are missing a lot of opportunities and possibly great finds by closing yourself off and staying in your comfort zone. Yes, it’s a risky thing to do, but there is no business without risks!

Tip 4: Don’t Let Them In, Don’t Them See

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS - JANUARY 06, 2014: Linkedin is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. As of June 2013 more than 259 million users in more than 200 countries.

Okay, despite being a social networking site, let it be known that LinkedIn is not Facebook. This is a professional site where you’re basically trying to sell something or in other cases, find jobs and establish working relationships.

Therefore, it is very important not forget yourself and post far too personal things on this site. Things included in the list are family pictures, party pictures (pretty self-explanatory, if I might add), posts about religion and political opinions (this will lessen your scope and would increase bias towards you).

Of course, do not forget to omit your preferred sports teams (we all know how crazy and overly fanatic some people are). Also, please refrain from ranting about work issues or worse, rudely commenting on other people’s updates. Keep things clean and polite.

Tip 5: There’s A Fly on the Wall


So yes, LinkedIn is not your Facebook account, but it is still a social networking site and, therefore, it is safer for your business and reputation to assume that everyone sees whatever you are doing and posting on the site. It’s a bit paranoid, but it’s important for you to think few things before sharing it because it will mostly likely be shared to others.

There you go five rocking LinkedIn survival tips. For the veterans, may this serve as a casual reminder and as for the neophytes out there, may you keep these lessons to heart.

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