Around 25.5% of the global population are Millennials. These people are skeptical customers, unemployed, budget conscious. This is an old talk. As per experts, most of the millennials are going to start earning, moving to new positions and become the potential customers for many businesses in 2017. In a way, the year is predicted as the year of Millennials.

So marketers, if yours is a business mostly for millennials, you ought to hone your marketing strategies for the next year. Here today, we are sharing the ultimate tips for making a profitable millennial marketing in 2017. Take a look:

1. Good Interaction Builds Stronger Relations with Millennials

Alert! Your customers, especially millennials, want to want social media as a medium of communication with you. So, go social as much as possible. Create your brand pages on popular networks like facebook and twitter.

Engagement is the important element of social media marketing. Being active on social media and establishing proper communication with your customers takes these minimal requirements:

  • Post enticing content and give a Call-to-Action.
  • Search for the people who are interested in your niche of business and make personal interaction with them.
  • Give quick replies to the people who mention your name in their posts.

These are enough to build relations with your customers. And it takes more effort to make them stronger.

millennial population

2. Remember, Your Millennials Strive to Express Their Personality

What is the deciding factor of a consumer buying a particular brand or product?

As per studies, Millennials choose a brand or product that reflects their personality.

Not just the clothes are the gadgets they use, they want their social media presence also be reflecting their personality.

That is a reason most of the millennials respond to the posts that address the social issues or something interesting related to a niche.

Use this persona of your millennial users to leverage your marketing on social media. Make interesting posts that make your targeted audience interact with you. Showcase your products in such a way that they showcase the personality of your audience in one or other way. This will make a stronger relation between you and your customers.

3. They Show Uniqueness and You should Gratify Each Person

The millennial community is not a smaller one. You see, they are more than 2 billion people in the world. But they all are connected on social media. They all adopt technology very easily. They all love to rejoice the technical inventions. And yes, they are selfie-obsessed.

But, wait a minute!

They are unique. They have their own tastes. Classifying all the people into one category and making strategies would leave you in desperation. So you have to respect their uniqueness. Stereotype marketing strategies will rile them up.

So the year ahead, 2017 will be a year of non-stereotype marketing.

millennials are unique by character

4. Experience Matters for Millennials – Offer It

The shopping behaviour of millennials is changing continuously. They started abandoning ownership in most of the things. They started renting products or services like party wears to flats. Around 78% of the millennials would love to spend money on experiencing something rather than buying something.

Try it first and buy it later. This is the idea running in their brains. So offer a great experience of your products to your customers.

You can organize contests on social media and offer a great experience of your products or services to the winners. This will definitely get you good results as it gives your more customer engagement and word-of-mouth publicity.

5. Brand Validation

Millennials are a kind of researchers. They search for reviews and ratings of a product. So, keep tabs on the reviews and ratings you are getting for your products. Check the comments you are getting for your social media posts. Take them as a feedback and improve the quality of services.

Once you got a new customer, ask them to give their feedback on your services. Analyze the performance of your social media campaigns and make sure you are reaching the right audiences.


If a strong strategy is followed, making a millennial marketing in a millennial year and keeping your business standing out in the competition is not a big deal. Do research on the behaviour of your millennial customers and draw the correct plans. The abovementioned things should be remembered while carving out a strategy and implementing a plan.