There are many sayings about social media, but each of them is either useless or untrue. Myths about why and how to use the social networks burst, spread by networking neophytes and alleged professionals alike.

What’s that can’t be afforded is to stick around and see it all spread out, for there are bucks to be made. Several times it happens that we consider to be true regarding social media marketing in reality are very far from the reality. Don’t give up too fast. With the silly and inadequate amount of opinions and information related to social media, it’s very obvious to get the wrong idea easily.

Now it’s the time to set the record true and crush off all those silly myths about social media marketing. Here are a few of the common myths about the social media and its marketing that should be definitely put to rest now-

MYTH 1: You Should Ignore Negative Feedback


Undoubtedly, social media is similar to spectator sport. It’s all about making sure that a brand is on record as caring and listening, as many prospects are looking on with a big bowl of popcorn to be served on their laps. Overlooking negative comments from unsatisfied customers makes an impression that their satisfaction is not important for you.

Respond to every comment – either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, because it’s you only who can handle the situations well and thus making your customer happy & satisfied. Leaving a negative comment as it is, may give a bad impression to other viewers making them think that you’re least interested in attending your unhappy customers.

MYTH 2: Your Customers are not Social, So you don’t need Social Media Marketing

not social

According to a research, 72 percent of American adults who are online uses social media. So, it is obvious that your customer and prospects maybe in social media platforms. Although, they may not be using social media for business, maybe they must be using it in some capacity. So, its good if you use social media marketing to market your brand.

MYTH 3: Posting Too Much will Give Away your Secrets


It doesn’t matter whether you share too little or too much, the thing that matters is- it should be RELEVANT and of course, HIGH QUALITY! Giving the list of ingredients will not make anyone chef! You should decide the frequency of your posting, because sharing rarely can surely kill your traffic and following. While, sharing too often can make your customers and audience annoyed! So, be smart!

MYTH 4: Social Media is only for Creating new Customers

creating new customers

Many of the people you are interacting in social media is probably your existing customers. A research has revealed that 84 percent of the followers of Business Company Pages are, in general, existing or past customers of the brand. We “like” what we really prefer. Remember that in social media you are mainly talking to the choir. And for most of the marketers, that makes social mainly a loyalty and retention play, instead of a direct customer acquiring play.

MYTH 5: Social Media Marketing will Kill E-mail

kill email

FALSE! It can never be true, as for signing up for any social media platform also you need a valid email account. Also, social media is usually a loyalty and retention play, that put off social in the similar strategic camp as that of an email. Email and social are used for keeping your brand in the top of mind among people. Email and social media sites are actually complementary tactics, instead of opposition ones.

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