According to the GEM Global report, every second 3 new businesses are launched i.e 100 million businesses every year. As the Google’s SEO algorithm is becoming smarter day by day, you have to keep more efforts to scale your website in the search engine.

But still, there is a cost-effective methodology to scale the traffic to your website.

Want to know that?

Well, the methodology used is the Growth Hacking. Just go through the article to know how you can use the method to skyrocket your business.

Here, we are giving you just 5 strategies in growth hacking that you can follow to be a successful startup in 2016. Come…let’s get started with the first strategy to be followed…

#1 Tell an intriguing story of your brand/product with a video


You may definitely realize that telling a story can help in elevating your brand’s credibility. This also increases the conversion rates as well. Visuals can get 60,000 more processed by humans than that of text. So, it is the wise choice to use effective videos to describe your brand and its products.

I tell you one more thing why videos are effective. You know that we can share videos on Facebook. From the recent surveys, Facebook has surpassed 8 billion video views a day.

The interesting thing is, Facebook has doubled the video view just by 6 months (from april – nov, 2015). This is the reason why i’m insisting on it.

And it is predicted that 74% of the internet traffic will be videos by 2017. This really seems to be happened if you look into it clearly.

There are some startups like DSC who has skyrocketed their business through their videos only. Their videos garnered 21 million views and so they got 200,000 active members within the span of 1.5 years.

#2 Get more conversion rate – crack the analytics

Generally, most of the businesses concentrate on three factors namely traffic, users and revenue. But these only are not enough to get more customers for your business.

The thoughts and interests of the users change time-to-time. You have to reach their ideas. And you can make this with the help of the marketing data you store for yourself. This data can smoothen your conversion funnel in every stage of the marketing.

Here are the ways how the data can growth hack your business.

  1. Eliminated inefficient advertising channels that aren’t prompting deals – The plenty of online networking stages are awesome for testing in your promoting.


For example above, if you store the data of your expenditure in each channel and the returns, you can have an idea on what platform is making its best.

  1. Consistently perform A/B tests – For getting impressive results from information, you have to perform numerous A/B tests. View guessing as a procedure instead of a one-time thing.

#3 Create a buzz before a product launch

Email is the best thing that happened to the web, or if nothing else to web promoting. Despite everything it stays among the most individual strategies for correspondence with 2.6 billion overall clients in 2015.


So, use the emails to create a hype for your product. Reach the prospects as many as you can. You have to manage to make them signed up for your product.

The most effective strategies for this process are mentioned below:

1. Influence your email signature to get information exchanges – If you’re leading a thorough email outreach (many messages each week) to get before your intended interest group, then this system may offer assistance.


2. Make a guest blog on sites of authority in your corner – I am tremendous enthusiast of visitor blogging, in light of the fact that it’s greatly successful in driving leads for business.

3. Gain some income from individuals on your waiting list– Collecting emails is cool, yet what’s preferable acceptance for your item over income?

#4 Make a transparent yet useful content

To build trust, startups should try posting content that is transparent and genuine. However, before you begin your new ‘transparency blog’, you have to comprehend that the transparency culture begins with your colleagues. You have to cultivate straightforwardness in your workers’ state of mind and conduct.


At that point, you can incorporate it in your web advertising. That doesn’t mean sharing only your income numbers and triumphs, however even the business botches you submitted and input from unsatisfied clients.

“Believing in transparency only when it benefits you isn’t really believing in transparency; it’s believing in self-benefit.” — Rand Fishkin

Ensure you don’t cross the slender line between simply sharing data/numbers and being transparent. You can begin with a yearly audit of your organization such as Unbounce. Just share private information/data when important to a blog entry and helpful.

#5 Offer astonishing value to your users

Customer or employees care concept

It sounds so essential and self-evident, yet numerous organizations overlook it when they neglect to get footing.

It’s not your blame. The sparkling viral development stories of new businesses can urge you to not consider unscalable promoting techniques.

Your prime inspiration for dispatching your business must be to increase the value of your intended interest group through your items.

In case you’re prepared to put in the diligent work, then unscalable strategies that don’t robotize can work extraordinarily well for you.

Final note:

Growth hacking isn’t an altogether new thing. There are businesses caught a huge measure of clients much sooner than the term would be begat. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn were likewise fixated on client development and engagement.

Imbue a society of development in your organization and test the ordinary method for making items. As you continue experiencing quick emphasess and streamline your item, you’ll take in a considerable measure about your clients and soon reveal reasonable fast development.